What to wear: Uni edit

I have been recently asked to put together an outfit post for Uni. I don't actually go to a fulltime Uni, my college classes at TFI are only 2 hours long. I don't have to wear my clothing that long so I am not overly concerned with comfort. But in saying that I don't go to College in ridiculous outfits. I have put together these outfits considering that most Uni students are studying fulltime and need an outfit that is comfortable, not over the top, whilst still being in style and on trend. Obviously not everyone at Uni is going to care about what they wear and that's their thing, I'm not one to judge. But here are a couple of my takes on fun outfits to wear to uni that aren't to difficult to put together. I have put some of my favourite fragrances and things that you will most likely find in my bag on a day to day basis.

T-shirt, jeans and converse. Summer or Winter this is a staple outfit to any wardrobe. And of course depending on your body type you can mix up accessories and what type of jeans you wear. For instance my body shape is "column" (what an attractive name), so I like to wear clothing that comes in at my waist, like high waisted jeans with a crop T.

High waisted jeans - Nobody 
Shoes - Vintage 
Crop T - Primark
Chain - Cotton On

Plain skirt with statement shirt. I have a problem with colour, this is the type of outfit I will usually wear, and I will always forget to add some sort of colour. But in saying that this isn't a bad outfit, I would just like it with either a statement coloured bag or necklace. But my wardrobe isn't as diverse as I would hope. But they are on the shopping list. 

Crop T - UNIF
Ring - Topshop
Chain - Cotton On
Skirt - Cotton On
Shoes - ICE
Props: Daisy by Marc Jacobs, Moleskine & Artline

The fun one. Something light, that you can move in and sit still in for hours. Summery, light, relaxed with some thin accessories. 

Crop T - Agent Ninety Nine
Shoes - Wanted
Shorts - Zara
Bracelet - Topshop
Necklace - Topshop
Backpack - Vintage 
Props: iPhone 5 and Oh Lola by Marc Jacobs

The Cold day. Winter prints in light fabric, it may be cold but it's Summer's not over just yet.

Hair tie (gold) - Topshop
Shirt - Cotton On
Skirt - Mink Pink
Necklace - Sportsgirl
Watch - Casio
Ring - Topshop
Shoes - Wanted (My travelling shoes)

The interview one. Smart, comfortable, with a studded splash of colour. 

Shirt - Dotti
Collar jewellery - DIY (I made it)
Belt - Vintage
Shoes - Zara
Skirt - Zara
Props: Chance by Chanel, iPhone 5, lighter and cigarette case

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