Poland Day 10 Drinks with Ewa

This was one of my best nights in Poland. Having drinks with Ewa and her friends, just like I did on my last trip to Poland, except this time Ewa has a house and sadly not all her friends are studying in Warsaw. But I met some truly beautiful people. We sung songs, danced, did shots of vodka, they taught me a couple of Polish songs, we went for a walk and sat by the fountains near her place. It was a wonderful night and I miss Ewa every day, and I can't wait to go back to Warsaw and spend time with her again !

Just a blur of happiness.

With love from London Poland

Poland Day 9 Warsaw Day/ Night-life

This was the previous day when we arrived in Warsaw. We were just admiring the Euro 2012 posters and signage and then we went home to a quiet little dinner. 

The next day mum left for the weekend to see some clients for her work (she is an occupational therapist). And she basically left me to my own devices. So as any clothing obsessed teenager would do, I went shopping. Well window shopping to be precise. This mall is in central Warsaw and it has a pretty inspiring architecture, referring of course to its crazy curved glass ceiling. 

This is the view from the window near the Kino (cinema) on the top floor. Was such a hot day that day, the type where it is just impossible to be anywhere but next to an air conditioner. 

I tried to show as much of the building as possible, but it is quite awe invoking. 

Euro 2012 craziness.

I didn't actually take many photos that day. I remember I did a lot of reading and my feet were quite sore from wearing in my shoes. But here are a couple of photos I managed to scrounge up off my instagram (Stellalondon).

Zara home is incredible!! I can see myself becoming very obsessed with it when I return to my actual home in Sydney, online shopping <3

This is a bracelet I wanted to buy as a present from my Grandparents. They gave me money although sadly it just wasn't enough to purchase this beautiful bracelet. Although it was 2 sizes to big anyway. I would love to get something like this made especially when I go home. My infinite love for them, corny I know. I would prefer to get a tattoo but they already despise the ones I have, so I am quite sure they would not approve. 

As much as I love this I wouldn't ever really feel comfortable wearing it out. 

Funky pants at Topshop

I bought this. I just loved it too much. It is from Zara. Except I bought the one with no fabric underneath to wear it with a bikini in summer.

Really pretty but silk doesn't work well with stretchiness. Zara.

Looked better on the rack - Zara

Beautiful pants, although this is a size too small. They didn't have my size. Zara.

LOVE THIS! Topshop

This looked sooooo much better on the racks. Zara.

It just didn't seem right, Topshop.

Shoes at Zara and above are my new babies who I love more then life itself. 

Empik bookshop things I wish I could buy. I did buy the melting clock though as Salvador Dali is my favourite artist. 

This was a walk through furniture shop, like ikea but for richie rich people. Some of the things in there were so extravagant and silly though. An example of this is the life size horse sculptures, I mean really...? But it was a stunning shop, I love the office decor it was so warm and inviting. 

A cute leather backpack I wish I bought. 

Giant dog sculpture. Reminds me of friends. 

I really wish I bought that slush puppy singlet. Oh well. So after shopping I went home straight to my uncle telling me that we are going out. By this time of course I am sweating grotesquely from the boiling hot summers day so I had a shower and we headed out to town. 

Photography in the park ?

A really nice restaurant that I never got a chance to go to. 

This is inside the underground comedy show we went to. Not only was it in English, but they had Irish accents. 

It was a pretty funky bar. I would have never even known it was happening if it wasn't for my uncle and his connections. Afterwards we went to a pub to drink with a couple of his friends.Warsaw is quite nice to walk around at night. 

He smiled for the photo.


A place we went for shots. It was boiling hot and I felt my skin was going to melt off so I chilled outside. The shots were so cheap, 1 zloty I think for one, divide 1 zloty by 3 and you have $1 Aus. 

An advertisement for the comedy show we saw previously.

This was the first club my uncle took me to. It was quite a culture shock to me. Tiny skinny polish girls happily dancing with disgusting overweight polish men who are at least 50 and no one even looks twice. Everyone is doing it. Don't they have any self respect? Apparently its know as "Sponsorship Programs" I am sure I don't need to explain what this means. But the thing about this that I find weird, sure this happens in Australia, not to this extent but it happens. But these Polish men don't exactly scream wealth. They aren't draped in expensive jewellery, watches and clothing as they would be back in Australia. 

I don't know it just unsettled me a lot. I am not entirely comfortable in those situations. I barely even dance with boys when I go clubbing, let alone 50 year old men who should be at home sleeping not acting like 18year olds. I am sorry but it was really disgusting. 

After this I was feeling pretty sick, just tired and wanted to go home but I was then dragged to a club, which I won't lie I was truly happy to have experienced even if I did feel like shit on a stick.
This club was in some church but it was underground. It was all the original walls of the underground cavern and to get down you had to walk down flights of stairs which would be real fun in heels.

But once you get down it is just an explosion of the senses. The walkway in was beautiful, you walked on a wooden path with rocks on the side, and in amongst these rocks incense was placed making the place smell incredible. Everyone was dancing, alcohol was splashing everywhere yet you were forever calmed by the smell of incense.   

It was decorated as a thai lounge I guess, with big comfortable lounges everywhere, little caves where people could sit with friends if you were lucky enough to get one.

I could go on describing this place all night, because although I was feeling as previously stated, Like shit on a stick, I loved this place and hope to come and visit it again sometime soon when I am feeling better.

We then caught cab home and I ended the night collapsing on a fold out lounge.

With love from London Poland