Poland Day 10 Drinks with Ewa

This was one of my best nights in Poland. Having drinks with Ewa and her friends, just like I did on my last trip to Poland, except this time Ewa has a house and sadly not all her friends are studying in Warsaw. But I met some truly beautiful people. We sung songs, danced, did shots of vodka, they taught me a couple of Polish songs, we went for a walk and sat by the fountains near her place. It was a wonderful night and I miss Ewa every day, and I can't wait to go back to Warsaw and spend time with her again !

Just a blur of happiness.

With love from London Poland

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  1. thanks for this new story about the travel to Poland, the sunset is beautiful and you dance very well!!! jejejeej
    The written text read it slowly, more slowly than I want.
    Thanks and good luck in your life!!!