sassiefox & 21st's

Meet Sassie's friend Rufus (top of the photo). Rufus is my best friend Lani's dog, well technically her Grandparent's, but it still counts. We pretty much have matching dogs, and it's pretty entertaining when we have puppy sleepovers.

Spoon buddies forever.

I have no idea why but I have always called Rufus 'Oscar'. It literally happens every time I see him. I just can't help it. When I look in to his big cute eyes all I see is Oscar.

Two sausage dogs to spoon is better then one.

Rufus is a lot fatter then Sassie, and closely resembles a slug in his movements. It is so entertaining watching him though.

If you own a sausage dog you will most likely know by now that this is one of their preferred seating arrangements. If anyone is in the market to buy a new dog, I give a gold star recommendation for you to get a long haired miniature dachshund. Not a short hair, they are snappy and bark more. These dogs are pretty much mini humans. There is so much personality packed in to each little pup. I will probably always own sausage dogs, they really are the best.

If you want to see more photos of my little special pup, check her out on Instagram @sassiefox.

Dominating sushi train with my favourite people in the whole world.

My local cafe changed their acai blend, so not happy. Was proper obsessed with their old blend 

Spent over an hour playing with makeup trying to make my lips look like Kylie Jenner. I wish I was her.

We had two 21st's this night. One was my nextdoor neighbour Justin's and the other was my cousin Dan's. Both of who I grew up with. Justin's theme was "when I grow up" and Dan's theme was "movie heroes and villains". So we decided to go as robbers because it seemed to kind of apply to both themes. Well to be more precise we were Bonnie and Clyde. 

Did we dress the part?

On the run

The first party we went to was my next door neighbour, Justin's. You should have seen it! This was just a table to make your own candy bags.

Sorry for swearing, but sweet lord they had fairy bread. I haven't had fairy bread since I was 5 years old. So many good feels.

They had a bucking bull which I fell off three times. My personal best score was 20 seconds. They also had not only one, but TWO jumping castles!! One was an obstacle course and it was so much fun!! Even if I had to do these things alone because Luke couldn't play with me because of his knee. 

There was also a spinning ride which was next level intense. The whole ride we were in so much pain. It was like the tango train at Luna Park, except worse. For some reason there were bars between your knees, so while your getting swung to one side of the ride, your knees are getting pushed in to these metal bars. 

After Justin's we went to my cousin's 21st. Some of my work friends from Gloria Jeans were there which was pretty great. I don't have any photos because they haven't been uploaded yet.

And now I will spend some quality time with Sassiefox before I leave for my Crusie on the 28th!! So excited!!



Behind the Scenes: Nicole Millar Photoshoot

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to style one of my closest friends Nicole Millar. She needed some new press shots for the upcoming months. We sourced clothes from a few PR companies including Sweaty Betty, Torstar and Under the Wing.

She is such a babe.

This is one of the jumpers from Torstar. It is Adidas x Jeremy Scott and it's pretty delicious. Apologies for the ridiculous photo.

My best friend Lani did the makeup for the shoot. She has done my makeup for outfit posts before and if you don't mind me saying, she is pretty dam good at it. She hasn't officially established herself on social media yet. But it looks like I will be helping her out with all of that when I get back from my cruise. I will update this blog post with the links to her social media pages when I get them up and running. 

Completely obsessed with this Emma Mulholland one piece from Under the Wing.

This is Jack Toohey, he was the photographer for the day. He has taken all of Nicole's press photos so far and he is pretty talented.

Another incredible Emma Mulholland piece.

This was our half way point cider celebration.

She is such a good time. I can't believe how talented and beautiful she is. When she arrived I asked her if she was wearing makeup. She wasn't. She didn't even need makeup. She is so ridiculously flawless.

In the afternoon we went 'on location' which was pretty much Jack's friend's pool.

Partner in crime

The dream team.

After the shoot we went to the Stoned Crow in Lanecove to celebrate with a few drinks and some pizza.

Lani and I got berry and watermelon frozen cocktails and then we had Hubba Bubba and a Fairy Floss cocktails.

Oh yeah we also met up with Nicole's baby boy Ned e.g. Kilter. Ending the day with excessive amounts of sugar and cuteness.

That's a wrap! Can't wait to see the Tropicool photos!!



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