Happy Australia Day Everyone

Why wouldn't we want to celebrate living in the same country as this goddess?

Have an amazing day!



We Are Handsome // Aviary

The photography in this campaign is incredible and these models are absolutely stunning. Old collection but I came across these photos and was just entranced and felt I needed to share. 

We are handsome designs unique swimwear with stunning images.

Find more of their amazing designs at http://wearehandsome.com/

Stolen Girlfriends Club AW 2012 Campaign

Ever since my friend Hannah bought a shirt in QLD made by Stolen Girlfriends Club which featured a faux pocket with a deck of smokes sticking over the top, I have had a secret little love for SGC. 

I love how they challenge various conventions in fashion. An example of this is seen in their new campaign "Here lie the bones" which features see through lace ensembles, obnoxious furs, paisley, decorated denim and leather. I am hoping to purchase the short black see-through skeleton slip. 

I love this new campaign, and I especially love the chosen model for the womenswear "Georgia Fowler".

"Here Lies The Bones" Womens
Photographer - Derek Henderson @ MAP
Re- Touching - Sjoered Laneveld @ Digisense
Model - Georgia Fowler @ N Model Management 
Makeup - Corrina Lyon @ M.A.C Cosmetics 
Hair - Shontal Healey @ Stephen Marr

"Here Lies The Bones" Menswear
Photographer - Maya Villigar www.turnedout.tv
Styling and Casting - Zara Mirkin
Models - Aris Sayd / Japser Seven / Vanya Polunin
Makeup - Misuzu Miyake
Hair - Nicole Blais

<Photos & info via Pedestrian.tv >


2nd tattoo draft

Lani is my best friend in the whole entire world and for eachother's 18th's we bought eachother tattoo's. We just haven't gotten around to getting them/ didn't know what to get until now.
Finally have a basic idea. And it will be going on my other ankle. So it's kind of like my three best friends are always walking with with me by either side.

Versace S/S 2012 // Lindsey Wixson


Sunday morning drawings

roadtrip video part 1 // yes tattoos

This is the 1st video I have ever made. Don't judge too harshly. It is all for a little fun. Just something to look back on when we are all old ladies with tattoos of eachother.

Yolanda's tattoo

My tattoo

Saya's tattoo

Cleaning out the garage part 1

Recently I decided I was sick of my dad having the garage overflowing with his random unorganised stuff so I have been cleaning it over the past few weeks and here are a few photos of the weird things I have been finding.