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The night I Graduated at The Fashion Institute

Getting ready for the big night! After a stressful year of assignments and interning and obviously good stuff as well see this blog post for more, I was finally graduating! Obviously choosing an outfit last minute because thats what I do best.

Dis is my date Luke, we like to eat stringers cheese and send dumb snapchats on the train.

Sorry for everyone who had to deal with us on the train ride there, but mainly the train ride home (my bad, free alcohol = erica down).

The night was perfect. It was so great to see so many beautiful familiar faces, which I hope I will definitely be seeing very soon. TFI you outdid yourself yet again with this fabulous set up at the Ivy Penthouse. I am sure I speak for everyone who attended when I say, it was a spectacular event and it will be a night that I will forever remember. Sorry for the horrible quality graduation photos. I would have positioned myself a bit better but it was a tad last minute. So it's mostly just the back view of multiple hugs that Sarah received that night. All my love girls, and one last thing.... GET IN THE BATH!!!