Sarah Hankinson Calendar

I have recently purchased this beautiful calendar by Sarah Hankinson. She is so incredibly talented, I am utterly obsessed with her illustrations. The one above is my absolute favourite from this calendar. I have put a few of the months below, hoping not to spoil too much. These are my personel favourites. 

For only $25 you can purchase one HERE
They are ridiculously cheap considering how much illustrators sell single prints for.  They also included a little note saying thankyou which really was the cherry on top. 
I am completely smitten. There is terrible lighting in my room though, trust me it looks a lot better in person.

With love from E

Wanderlust Tattoo Camden

The next day (back to London time) after our trip to Primrose Hill and our complication with getting myself a new tattoo, we decided to walk from Kings Cross to Camden Town. I don't actually remember why we did this, all I know is that it is one crazy long walk.

Kings Cross, also known as Crane City (bitch, crane crane city bitch)

Look at how fucking serene this guy is, it's ridiculous. You can't help but be jealous, mainly because he has most likely retired early and doesn't have to slave away for the any more of his life. Lucky bastard.

They had lots of photographs just like this one in a section of the wall. I couldn't help but take notice of this darling image. That's what I want one day. A decent house, a big garden full or roses and other beautiful flowers, and a loving man by my side holding my hand. I also like the addition of the cat. It is so sweet and lovely and makes me want to go knit and drink earl gray and discuss how silly children are these days. 

Surely they could have picked a better photo.

This was the gardeners house, or someone's house who works here. There were fairy lights strung up everything and a lovely garden.

The hauntingly creepy yet intriguing tunnels with their confusing art, be it street or commissioned. 

Apartment blocks

Slightly disturbing ad

We finally made it, and I was sweaty and hot from the walk but ready to go. I love tattoos, but only if they mean something to you and aren't a huge southern cross on your back, or family written in tacky capitals across your chest, we get it you have a family and your Australian. Geez do you want a medal for it or something.

Sadly I had to go this one alone D wasn't allowed to come hold my other hand. But to be fair I did get escape done alone without too much tears. Guess I used my Johnsons shampoo that day. By the way this was the same place I had gotten my "escape" done. It is literally called "Camden Tattoo and Piercing". It on the same side as the station and you go downstairs. I am pretty sure it is run by chicks which makes it even better (I may be a little bit feminist). I got my escape done by a girl called, kid you not "Angel".

Wanderlust: A desire to travel to seek one's own existence. 

I have wanted this tattoo ever since I learnt the meaning of this beautiful, beautiful word a couple of years ago. Not only does it sum up my whole world view of finding yourself, but it truly represents my time in London. And if you were wondering I wrote this font myself.

The dress is Witchery, Jacket is New Look, Witness Beanie and Topshop chain.

Me and the scoundrel comparing our fonts on the tube home.

And here's a pretty sunset to sum up another crazy, adventurous and extremely tiring days in good ol' London, fresh with my new ink.

With love from London


Back to Basics

1. Elle Macpherson bra $50
2. and 3.  OMB (Oh My Bod) Pleasure State bras, amazing! I usually hate, hate, hate bra shopping because I can never find ones that fit and don't look like tacky christmas decorations for boobs. Love, love, love. $70 each
4. Muscle tank from Sportsgirl $30
5. Singlet from Glassons $20
6. Muscle Tank from General pants $25

I can't begin to express the pain I endure shopping, trying to find that plain white T that actually fits, looks good, doesn't stick to the bad bits on your body, but at the same time doesn't look like you're wearing a bag. I went into various stores just desperately trying to find this plain shirt, the one thing everyone needs as a staple in their wardrobe. It's impossible. I ended up resorting to the now "in trend" muscle tanks. I have to say the Sportsgirl one is actually stunning as a staple in the wardrobe. It feels nice and has a good drop. The glassons singlet was also a good find, though sadly they only had my size in one colour. 

In my opinion unless you are a bit of an exhibitionist, super skinny and have some amazing bras that you want to show off, the General Pants tank is probably not for you. I have learnt this from constant taunts from my parents about showing too much, and that less is more, and of course just learning that from seeing how girls make themselves look like trash these days by wearing those kind of shirts. I do like the thickness of the shirt but it is a bit of an uncomfortable choice to wear around the Boyfriend's parents.

Every good outfit starts from the underwear. If the bra doesn't fit and doesn't hold everything where it should be the rest of the outfit will just fall apart. I am not one of those girls obsessed with Victoria's Secret bras, mainly because I hate shopping online because I need to try before I buy.

7. Patch tights from Cotton on $30
8. Stussy shorts $90
9. Skater Skirt from Cotton on $25

I have been obsessed over a pair of tights I bought from Glassons last summer they had the same faux leather patch detailing as the new ones here. These pants had been through a lot and it was definitely time for a new pair. There is faded gum on the butt that I had sat on in Brighton out clubbing one night, the stitching has come apart on the knees, but I don't think I will ever throw these tights out, I will probably wear them until there is nothing left but a few pairs of rags held together by thread.

I don't own many pairs of shorts, which is annoying because I love them, they are just ridiculously expensive most of the time, and the other times they just don't fit. To be honest these shorts could look hideous on me and I would have bought them still just because I am obsessed with the pattern. I will need to do some squatting though to get that short butt. 

And of course the Skater skirt, the most confusing but at the same time easy to wear item of clothing. I just don't understand how girls keep them down. I wore mine yesterday for my first day of college and every time I crossed the road or the slightest bit of wind came around I would have to hold on for my dear life to avoid utter public humiliation. I do love it though and it was ridiculously cheap. 

10. Sportsgirl necklace $7.95
11. Cotton on Chain $10

I am obsessed with gold jewellery. And these two babies at just $18 was an absolute steal. 

These are the particular items I bought yesterday to kick start the start to my new year and new start at The Fashion College in Surrey Hills.  I don't wear many bright colours as you have probably figured out by now, I have adapted to a more minimalistic approach to fashion
Here are my mantras for daily fashion:
-  Less is more, keep it classy, gold jewellery, and a statement piece in your outfit is essential. -

Daily Inspiration

- I do not claim credit for any of these images, they are purely for inspiration -