Harry Potter Part 2

As I said in part 1, if you are going to see this exhibition in the future or just don't want it ruined for you in case you do go there someday, don't continue to read this post. There is not much explanation needed for any of this post really. Unless you haven't seen the movies then you won't know what any of this is, and I think we all know who is at fault there. 

Let us continue our tour at the Warner Bros Studio for the Making of Harry Potter. 

I still can't get over the fine details of every single costume and aspect of the characters. The costume designers for Harry Potter did an incredible job. 

Can you even begin to imagine the time and preparation that went into the making of these props. All hand made, painted by hand. Being on the props team would have been pretty amazing. 

"Hey what did you have to do at work today?"
"Oh just film some kittens with silly props"

Once you exit the first half of the tour you walk out into a courtyard where number 4 privet drive, the bridge and the crazy bus are set up. And there are little tables and chairs for you to sit at to enjoy your very own butterbeer! It was beyond delicious. I think at this point of the tour Y and our childhood's had taken over and we got a little silly. If I could I would put up the videos but I don't actually know how to get them off my iPhone. We ran around being silly for nearly an hour. Easily in my top 3 moments in London.

Playing knock and run 

Harry Potter Party Bus

THE car

The second part of the tour was about special effects, makeup etc. It was amazing and mind blowing to say the least. 

RIP Dumbledore

RIP Dobby

Lots of things in this part of the tour started moving unexpectedly. At this part of the tour your childhood really begins to unravel and secrets begin to be told. 

This blew my mind.

Hagrid starts looking at you and blinking and at this point in time you just have to keep walking.

This is a tiny cage in a store window. 

And now we come to possibly the most incredible part of the tour. The set design.

And the actual Hogwarts

This was what they filmed for all of the movies.

This was a bit ridiculous. Every single box was hand made, the labels were painted individually by hand and every box looks different. 

And now to the gift shop where I bought myself a chocolate frog. 

Fang <3

These cloaks were up to £1,000! Pretty crazy.

We were the last ones to leave the tour and just caught the last bus back to the station. This day was one of my all time favourite days in 2012. I miss Y and our tourist days so much. There is more to come. 

"All was well."

With Love from London

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