Primrose Hill

This day started off like so many other days in London, gloomy and dreary. If London were a Disney cartoon character it would be Eeyore, Depressing, but still loveable.  On this day Georgia, Dan and I went on a family trip to the park. Regents park and Primrose Hill to be exact.

Mohawks, surprisingly not as rare as you would think. Long live Anarchy in the UK. 

Half of the photos are taken by myself on my Canon EOS 550D and the others are taken with G's ridiculous Nikon D7000.

I profusely apologize for the lack of colour in my skin. At this point of time any sun that had soaked into my skin over the 19 years of living in Australia was long gone, and my moon tan was definitely peaking. 

Posing for G, trying to look "natural".

"Hey Erica get up in that tree. Then you can say you climbed a tree in London". Well dear readers of my ramblings, I climbed (got thrown up into) a tree in London.

Honestly half of these photos don't have much of a story to go with it, we were just playing in the park on our way to Camden to check out tattoo places and then returning to watch the sunset from the top of Primrose Hill. 

Primrose Hill from the bottom

Purchasing cupcakes just because the amount of cupcake shops in London is astounding. 

Walking to Camden through the canals.

"Pirate Castle" It doesn't get much more awesome then that.

Across the river is my all time favourite place in all of London. Camden Lock, the place where G and I used to go to sit and drink and tell stories and watch the sun go down over the water.

Sushi made fresh right in front of your eyes, don't mind if I do. If you are around I highly recommend  he is in the markets, in the outdoor courtyard close to the water. I apologise for my terrible directions but what can I say, those markets are huge. 

Salted peanut butter for me and chocolate for D.

I love Camden

As previously mentioned one of the goals of today was to come home with some fresh ink. I literally tried every place in Camden but they were either too expensive, closing shop for the day and didn't have time, couldn't do the writing I wanted, or were just plain jerks like the ones from the tattoo shop we were being served at in the photo below. If you recognise the place from the art on the window, don't go there, they are mean. But if you don't know London and want to get a tattoo at a reasonable price, check out my next blog post which will have all the details from my tattooing which occurred the next day. 

No luck so we hurried back to Primrose Hill to climb it and watch the sunset. G left us at this point because she didn't feel well. 

D was a little obsessed with patting dogs, to be fair so am I, I just get too scared of being bitten,

View from the top, pretty spectacular. 

A spectacular way to end a lovely day. 

For someone who I had only known for a week it is hard to think that we hadn't been best friends for years. Everything was fun with D. We were carefree and stupid and had no worry in the world. He grew on me, like a flower on a tree. All the stresses of my year in London floated away. These are the bittersweet moments in your life. The ones you can look back on and know you will never forget the time you had together, but at the same time wish more then anything that it could have been longer, even if just by a week. Out of all the time I spent in London the last two weeks were the most amazing for me, in particular the time after D stepped in and took all the weight of London and the world off my shoulders. Because it was during this time I was able to make the most out of the time I had. It's amazing how everything can change in an instance. That instance being a change of plans earlier in the week, which lead to a 2 week long adventure. I guess that is why it has taken me so long to write these posts. I guess in a way I am holding onto everything I left behind the only way I know how, through photos. I have one more week left in London.

With Love from London

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