Hungover wanderings around Brixton & Croydon

Hungover and basically looking like a big white mess we walked through Brixton on route to my house to meet with Georgia. And yes he is drinking a pint of milk. I will never understand how people can just drink milk. We walked a different way this time and stumbled upon a little vintage shop.

To be fair it looked more like someone's cellar then an actual shop, but I guess there in lies the charm of the thrift shop. 

Waiting at the bus stop I discovered my legs to be covered in an array of various bruises of different colours and sizes. Mystery bruises are always enjoyable.

We figured out we could catch a bus to Croydon. It wasn't fun. None of this morning was fun. Travelling on public transport is not fun no matter what country you are in. But to be fair I do miss this seat on the bus, the Queen's seat.

Wearing: My new Topshop dress
Sunglasses from Camden Markets
Shoes from Portobello Markets
Jacket from New Look
Necklace and socks from Topshop

The night before we had popped into Topshop to check out the launch of the new Designer range JW Anderson. To find out more on this designer go to this link. I couldn't buy anything at the time due to my extreme lack of money. But one design that I would love to have is these little lovelies..

We ended up getting off at the wrong stop so we had to walk all the way from the other end of Croydon. But we did get some filthy, dripping in oil pizza with a Gregg's sausage roll to accompany it. 

Eventually we finally got back to G's. Showered and got ready for a day out in the park. And hopefully a new tattoo.

To be continued..

With love from London

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