daily inspirations

My shit quality photos from MGMT

my other bedroom "The studio"

Art Excursion to Art Express

the harry potter stairs

Playing match on the bus ride home
apparently I am going to marry josh, live with him in a cottage with our 1 child and pet pig and I will be driving my garbage truck to my work which apparently I am a surgeon. 

Love this work, sorry for not crediting the work I lost the names off my phone.

That worked tripped me out so much

I loved this concept so much

How much fun would it be to make dodos for your year 12 at major

Click on these images to try and read the blurbs under each photo. Incredible collection.

I like this. It is so simple but its really nice. Its clouds :)

The guy who talked to us about his artwork



looks like something out of frankie, love it

Such a good concept, its about child soldiers 

I loved this so much

Pretty amazing photography

the intricacy of this is amazing!!

if anyone else went to this exhibition or knows any other good works please feel free to comment 

school excursion to powerhouse

 The next few posts will be the photos from my phone which I have finally been able to upload onto the computer. Enjoy the very delayed posts :)

Hahaha the turtles sticker in the city
I love stuff like this, so much more fun to look at then single colour "graffiti" tags