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“She felt everything too deeply, it was like the world was too much for her.”
Joyce Maynard, Labor Day

Had one of the best weekends in a long time, and it started with babysitting on a friday night with my two best friends, watching mean girls and playing the game of life. 

The game of life is so much easier on a piece of cardboard.

During all of this we were also cooking ridiculously gourmet pizzas (my personnel strength in the kitchen) and the above pizza. Still unsure about how to describe it. It is basically Cookie dough, banana, milo, caramel and chocolate on a pizza base. The toppings were good when you took it off the rest of the pizza.

On the Saturday I cashed in another birthday present which was tickets to see Godzilla with Rick. We decided to experience all that this movie (which we had been waiting to see for so long), to it's full potential and see it at the Imax. I somehow managed to dress up as a Japanese Schoolgirl without even trying. The movie was incredible, would watch again 10/10. Seriously, the last Godzilla was not even Godzilla. This movie tries so hard to give it the classic Godzilla feel of pretty much atomic bomb affected monsters battling, and it does so well.

Afterwards we met Jake and S(l)aya and went for a few drinks. We then decided that we needed to go bowling and laser tag, and it was so much fun.

I lost. But I am pretty sure I won at Laser tag. Not 100% sure. Afterwards we went back to Jake's and stayed up til around 4am watching Infomercials. 

In the morning we experience fine dining with Drive Thru Maccas and spent the rest of the day in bed, it was great.

On the sunday night we went out with Yol to Oatley pub for drinks. Which ended up escalating to kick ons at Sayas. And then the night got a little hazy, there was a lot of broken glass and I do remember cooking chicken noodles at one point. It was a great night.

Had a pretty heavy week after this weekend. It's not really bloggable. The people who matter know. But basically this is why I haven't been blogging recently, and I am sorry. Blogging is my escape from everything, but sometimes that escape is further then you think, and instead of escaping you just end up falling in a deep hole.

On a lighter note, I ended that week with High Tea at the Swissotel with Mum. It was her late Mother's Day present. And it was pretty amazing. Its just a shame I am not the biggest fan of dark chocolate, I feel this chocolate themed high tea which I bought on Groupon, was wasted on a person like me.

Chocolate mocktail and cocktail. The cocktail was pretty nice even though I don't like Baileys. But my mocktail was awful, I'm sorry. It was an "Iced" Chocolate. Heavy on the ice and lacking in the chocolate. It was pretty much just a watered down milkshake with ice.

My beautiful giver of birth.

The never ending mothers day.

Elevator selfies with my great new skirt off Market HQ.

Introduced my mum to my favourite store in the city, Topshop. Found this perfect black coat which I have been looking for forever. Didn't buy it because you know, money. But when I sort that out, I will get right on it. It's called a Crepe Throw on. 

Friday Night was spent with the girls watching tv series and literally just bumming out, such a good night. 

Goodmorning kisses from my ageing beauty "Missy".

Waking up to Acai bowls hand delivered by my beautiful boyfriend. Going back to my hole now. All my love.