April Sucked

Here's to the best and worst month of my life, and that isn't an exaggeration. April, you really did my head in. I turned 21, which was a good thing. But my 21st party was on the same day as my final exam for my University course, which was awful. On top of studying for the big exam (it is basically my 2nd HSC) and getting my 21st sorted out, I also had to finish four assignments to successfully complete my Diploma at the Fashion Institute. Somehow I did all of this whilst working at my two soul sucking jobs. April was hard. April was good. But it was also terrible. Please let the rest of the months this year make up for that one awful one. A few other pretty crap things happened, but you know what, it's May now, a new month, a new me.

My ultimate in relaxation. I think what scares me the most about leaving home is never being able to afford a place with a good bath, or a bath at all.

I got my results. and I am pretty proud of my results. After being dragged through the dirt with my HSC, this result is really just a big ray of sunshine in my life right now. Hopefully I can figure out how to turn this result in to an entry ticket in to University to study a Bachelor of International and Global studies. My results up to this date where Distinctions and one High Distinction, and it hurts how close this mark was from a High Distinction, literally one mark!!

To celebrate this mark/ redeem my birthday present off my Best Friend Lani, we went and got tattoos. 

Ever since year 7 when I used to come to L nearly every lunchtime for food, or we would go read Dr Seuss books, or we would just catch the bus every day together, she has been my other half. The yin to my yang. We have been through so much and I am so happy to have finally gotten this tattoo that we have been wanting since year 9, when we would sit in the cave underneath my house smoking cigarettes and giving each other friendship burns, now we have a friendship scar that will last forever. 

That angle though, amirite?

Lani got hers filled in, mine is empty. I am the light, she is the dark, although we have a bit of eachother in us for life. BFFFLZ4LYFE

Another pretty great thing that happened was that I managed to lose 6kg in April. 4kg in a week! I had to take a photo of the scale, I haven't been this weight since year 10! I was struggling to stay under 60 for year 11-12 and then I just gave up and have been sitting on 60-63 since I came home from London. This is a massive achievement for me and I still can't believe I did it. Now just to keep it off, healthily.

And that starts with four cheese pizza at Gigi's Newtown with my Boyfriend. Here's to our 2nd great date night in a row. For the first date we went to Sky High and jumped on trampolines and jumped into pools of foam, and then afterwards we went to Pho 288 I think its called, in Newtown where we had some pretty good pho. Gigi's was good, except for the fact that we didn't get the rest of the food we ordered. We had ordered rocket salad and bruschetta, which basically never came. We had to flag the waitress who seemed to disappear pretty often, to tell her what had happened. It was on the order docket, they just forgot to make it. 

We ended up just not getting the other food and instead we ordered a sticky date pudding. I liked the food, shame we didn't get to try all of it though. 

Pretty happy at the moment. Things are getting better. 

Tried to lighten my hair using decolouriser, literally did barely anything. Think I will have to try again this week. 

Would love to figure out a way I can have brunette hair with a silver tint. 

My baby snuggles.

April is over. Lets never do that again. Im 21, I am a graduate at the Fashion Institute, I got a Distinction average for my university course, I lost weight, I got a new tattoo, ok maybe it wasn't so bad. Here's to a healthy May and a happy Me. 


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