Internships and Mother's Day

to quote hamlet act III scene iii line 92, “no” 

That time Nicole and I finally caught up after ages and we tried RAYman and it was amazing. She has been literally killing it so hard in the music world lately. Played at 2-3 Groovin the Moo's and she went on stage at Triple J's One Night Stand to sing Unforgiven with Rufus (De Sol). Everything is happening so quickly and I could not be more proud. This pretty face inspires me on a daily basis. I hope we can Ramen again soon.

Also watch her performance at the One Night Stand HERE 1:20:00

Another weekend, another 21st.

Inside myself is a place where I live all alone. And on the outside all you will ever see is smiles. I live my life in metaphors that don't make sense and sarcasm that covers my emotions.

Desperately trying to find a fulltime job in the city, so I can move there with Saya and Luke. If anyone knows of any jobs that are going at the moment please hit me up. I am desperately trying to get my foot in the door with Visual Merchandising but to no prevail so far.

On Mothers Day we went out to a Polish Restaurant in Glebe, it is called Na Zdrowie. It may sound familiar as I went to this same place for my birthday with Luke. What you see above is an apple vodka cocktail and a very sweet raspberry cocktail mixed with "unknown".

This might seem weird to some people, but I have basically grown up with this kind of food. This is beef tripe soup, and you know what, mum makes it better.

Pierogi, which I had last time, but this time I had Mizeria as a side which is literally my favourite Polish side ever. It is so simple but so great, it is literally just cucumbers, sour cream and chives. 

Mum, my brother Nick and I out the front of Na Zdrowie. Hope you had a great Mothers Day Mum. We also went to High Tea but thats later.

He is going to hate me, but he is literally so adorable when he sleeps. Plus he is cuddling my arm which makes it so much cuter. 

Slowly making my way through this brick of a book. I may have gotten lazy and downloaded the audiobook, but to be fair I had a lot of driving to do and it is the best thing to listen to whilst driving.

Every week I find a new obsession at work (Woolies), this week it is these little soups, but only the Minestrone flavours. They are the best! I am on the train here after 5 hours of work and 4 hours of sleep heading to an internship interview for Visual Merchandising at Christian Dior. 

This was seriously a dream opportunity. I have loved Christian Dior since Textiles in year 9 and I spent hours researching him. Plus this would be the best learning experience for Visual Merchandising in the future.

Spoiler Alert: I didn't get the internship.

Because somehow they didn't seem the gather from my ramblings about how much I love visual merchandising and that what I wanted to get out of this internship was invaluable experience in the industry and the amazing opportunity to be a part of a team as prestigious as Christian Dior. You know what, I don't think she liked me the moment I stepped through the door. Before I even opened my mouth she had already made her mind up. I'm sorry but it's an internship. I wasn't even asking you to pay me. I could have jumped on the table and screamed in their faces how much I wanted this and they still would have said I wasn't interested. So over this. Feeling so stuck in a hole right now.


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