Working Friday and Saturday Nights


A week of a HSC student with 3 majors

Made pancakes for my parents and myself

Daughter of the year much ?

Soft shell crab from moons sushi and a glass of sav preparing myself for a long night of art

Corset I made for textiles last year, what do you think ? It's a little big..

Bought the most amazing book/ checklist for my travels in life

Met my best friend's rabbit bambi

Yes it is on a leash and it is possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen

My jacket for textiles so far, so stressed :(

My 60 hours of study from the holidays, done!

New checklist for the month ahead

Going to get a dress identical to this made for me for my formal, I am so in love.

Practice drawing for textiles folio, turned into a hopeful formal dress.

Thats my week. 
Won't be around for a while due to HSC trials
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