USA V Runyon Canyon with Rescue

I would like to start this post off by saying how eternally grateful I am that this sweet boy Bean has FINALLY been adopted! After nearly 6 months since I met him. He was one of the sweetest goodest boys I met this day and I can't believe it took this long. Who couldn't love this sweet baby face.

While I was in Los Angeles one thing on my bucket list was to walk a dog in Runyon Canyon. The amazing team at Free Animal Doctor made this little dream of mine come true for me. They have an experience you can find on Airbnb "Hike Runyon Canyon with a rescue dog". 

The team meet you at the bottom of Runyon. On this day they only had the small dogs. They usually will have dogs of all sizes that are available for adoption but the big dogs had to go the vet this morning. I was sad we weren't able to give walks to all the dogs but the ones we did get to walk got A LOT of attention. Not everyone had their own dog to walk, but this was actually better because we shared around the dogs we did have and they had the chance to socialise with more people, which is really important. Here are some of the fur babies we met that day. I wish I remembered all of their names, but I only remember Bean.

I think his name was Winston. He was a THICC boi.

The walk was lovely. LA people really love to hike. I couldn't believe how many we saw out on a Wednesday! I lost track of all the gorgeous doggos I saw, but safe to say I was in heaven.

They take you to a few really nice spots with great views and on the way you learn a lot more about Free Animal Doctor and how they operate. This experience costs $79 and all of this goes directly towards providing for the care and medical expenses of these shelter dogs until they are adopted.

This experience currently has 1010 reviews and is at 4.96 and it is obvious why. This is something that these people are truly passionate about, and you can hear it when they speak about their dogs. If you visit Los Angeles please take a morning out to experience this. It's a great way to get some sun, exercise and meet some gorgeous pups. And if you live in Los Angeles, you may even find a dog a new forever home with you.

I spent this afternoon sweating bullets wandering through Hollywood by myself. That night I met up with my friend Jorden Holly who I met on Instagram. We went to this great little rootop bar called E.P & L.P on Melrose Avenue. Had some lovely cocktails. Wish I had tried the food. I'll have to go back next time I'm in L.A.