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-I do not claim credit for any of these images-


The Fashion Institute Graduation

Thursday night was The Fashion Institute's 2013 Graduation Night, not mine though I still have a year to go. The event was held at the Ivy Penthouse, an amazing room that I could never dream of ever affording.

Arriving (fashionably) late, Lucy and I were greeted with champagne and a tour of the apartment. 

This is the outside verandah.

This is the hot tub that we were sitting beside. Would have loved to be able to jump in that bad boy.

Mini burgers!

The only way this bath tub could be better was if it had a view of the city.


Here are some atmosphere photos from the night.

Dress / General Pants
Bralet / Tattoo
Bag / Opa Designs
Shoes / Novo
Necklace /  Opa Designs
Watch / Casio 
Ring / Samantha Wills

I took a couple of photos of the official proceedings but sadly was unable to capture everyone collecting their awards. 

With: Arianne from Lola Jagger, Vivienne from HrtofNeon, Laura from Tall Romance, & Lucy

It was a stunner night and it was great to finally meet Viv and Arianne considering how long I have been following their blogs. Congratulations to all the babes who graduated this year I wish you all the best.