Mika & Gala at Market HQ

My newly purchased 

Antoinette Cut Out Dress 

by Mika & Gala 

Shame I won't be seeing it until I get back to Australia. 

Poland Day 1 in Warsaw

My flight was at 1:55pm. And I don’t know why but I felt so proud getting myself to the airport. It just seems like such an adult thing to do.  But of course me being an idiot I missed out on duty free because I spent to long sitting in a cafĂ© having possibly the last soy chai for the next couple of weeks in Poland. But it is ok I can just do duty free on the way back to London. And yes I did end up running for a plane; guess I can tick that off my bucket list.

I was sitting in between a Polish man who somewhat represented an English bulldog and a very tall black man. I wondered what he was going to be doing in Poland. He had some papers which he was reading through whilst I tried to read over his shoulder. What can I say, I got bored of reading 50 shades, It is just sex and whinging. But I need to finish it because I can’t not finish a book it freaks me out for some reason.

I started trying to teach myself Polish out an English to Polish phrase book I bought. I have no idea why I was so tired but I was doing that awkward falling asleep thing where your head keeps becoming very heavy and starts gravitating towards the shoulders of the individuals you are seated next to. Not only was this making me lose my concentration for learning the odd language that loves using consonants where they do not belong, but it was making me look a right fool in front of these two gentleman.

When I finally saw my mum I broke out into tears because as mentioned before I am a wimp. Felt like home being in her arms again. 

Caught a cab to my uncle’s place where we met with him and my Great Great Aunt Veera. We all went around the corner to have my first pierogi in Poland. Then we headed out to Warsaw old town.

Poland is such a beautiful country, so full of history. It’s so weird to think some of these buildings have been here hundreds of years before Australia even became a country!

At the moment the whole of Warsaw is well mental over the Euro Cup. This may be because Warsaw and Ukraine are hosting this year which as much as I don’t follow sport, it is pretty amazing to be in the middle of everything.

Annoyingly I kept tripping over the cobblestones with my awkward ankles and me being an idiot decided that night would be perfect to wear my new shoes in….nope. Amazingly I survived this walk completely injury free.

Back at home mum and I stayed up til the early hours of the morning in our shared fold out lounge bed talking about everything. It was exactly what I needed.

With Love from London Poland