My Golden Girl

Wearing: Witchery shirt, crap tights (I need to buy more), factorie shoes, mum's amber necklace pendant, made the necklace. Mum's amber ring, Tiffany ring and claddagh ring. 

No make up 

yes Melborne roadtrip day 2 video

window shopping

Obviously I will be doing a lot of shopping when I go London but I actually don't have a lot of basic things like nice jumpers, singlets, short dresses and shoes. And other things of course. 
So lately I have been going into different shops and doing some research because sadly all my friends are at uni or working during the week days so I am slightly lonely and bored.

This was my day window shopping at Miranda.

SES: Ok so I don't usually shop here, and there is a good reason why. I literally found a pair of tights that could be good and a red cardigan. Moving on...

Payless shoes: Most likely my favourite shop in Miranda. Absolutely fell in love with those black bad boys <3

Yes I know, I desperately need to get my tattoo redone.

Spendless shoes: The shitter version of payless. I am looking at all the high heeled boots as you can see. Seeing which ones I like the best.

Just Jeans: Have some really nice winter stock. Love the fur vest but there was only medium size available. The mustard jumper is amazing and dying to buy the $200 leather jacket with fur. The blue shirt is also ridiculously cute while the white lace dress makes me look like someone out of mad men.

Rubi shoes: Not a fan of the shoes on offer this season but love the accessories. The socks and jewellery but especially the red wrap around scarf and red beret. 

Betts shoes: Only 2 pairs of shoes caught my eye, which is a let down in a shoe store.

Tattoo: Absolutely fell head over heels for the pretty lilac shirt. Shame it only came in size 12 and 14. Was considering buying it to wear unbuttoned just because I was that much head over heels for the colour but it seemed a waste, especially if I was to pay $60 for a shirt that didn't fit. The dress I only tried on because it was on sale. Definitely not for me.

Equip: Has some really cute winter accessories. I am currently hunting for a new handbag. 

Forever 21: Has become a bit too "mature" for my liking, but I did find these nice tights. But i have jeans the same colour so it would be a bit of a waste.

Novo: Fell in love with these knock off $90 JC's

Temt: Didn't spend too much time in here but I love that white shirt.

Glasson's: The bag, the singlets, and the long black skirt must be mine.

Cotton on: The jumper's were ok but I adore the short dresses they have in stock currently. Ridiculously cute especially the red swallow, red singlet and white small polka dot dresses.

I will post what I actually bought in another post