Melbourne Roadtrip Day 3

Complimentary buffet style breakfast.

Bye Raddison Hotel

My future university, RMIT.

The house Yolanda grew up in. We actually took a couple of photos out the front, then decided to go and see who was living there now. We met a lovely young couple and they showed us around and told us about themselves. It was all very sweet.

This really artistic wreckage we found down the street. Ahh Melbourne..

Yol's Tibetan flags

Yol's old backyard with some minor adjustments 

This is Yol's whiteboard that the owners had left inside her old room on the side of one of the cupboards. It still has writing from her. Mindblown.

Today was one of the heatwave days. It was ridiculous, 35 or something crazy like that.

Yolanda's primary school!

The place where yol would come after school and play tennis.


The farm inside the school, so hippie.

Mini strawberries are incredible.

We had time to kill before meeting Imogen at hers so we decided as it was too hot to function and everything was closed post NYE we thought we would go to a peaceful park and read our books.

Nando's for lunch where we met imogen and her boyfriend alex. Can someone please tell me where to find a Nando's in Sydney? Their food is incredible!

Went to Imogen's and met her and her family and decided the best way to relax after such a ridiculously hot summers day was to drink some homemade mojito's.

Amazing pesto pasta imo's mum made for us.

And just to spoil us even more she also made chicken salad pasta. YUM!

The cutest little moths, they would land on you and if you moved they would move with you thinking they are camouflaged. 

Taught myself to make lychee cocktails. They were delicious. 


Childhood best friends <3

Night adventure's to the primary school.

And lets just say we had a lot of fun at the primary school. 

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