I think I have fallen in love with this tattoo

I just want to get it in a thinner font so it is more legible

Wow wow wow 
so in love

Working at the Tav

designer drugs with puff

ways to live


James Dean

Any boy who can pull off raban's, a white t-shirt and pushed back hair can have me anyday

- riding a motorbike is optional

boys in b+w

make noise


Babies Everywhere at School

 Told you so..

Here is a summary of whatever month it is

My hair is falling out 

I got a job at Bangor Tav, that is my new uniform....no more disgusting McDonald's hat
ps: I resigned from mickey D's on thursday !! 

 My beanie and armwarmers I wear to school practically every day, have been keeping me warm through the particularly chilly ones.

This winter I have discovered a new found love for my bed and all its warmth

Found these in my bag after Northies, sour jelly belly's, with bags under eyes included

What I would look like blonde

But seriously though, how cute is my dog!!

Kicking back with Ldawg at casa woodward

sunday = floor drobe, monday = deskrobe, friday = bedrobe, saturday = cupboard, sunday = ....etc etc

And now to anyone who follows or views my blog I would like to share this message with you..