Area 51

We trashed the train, not really but it looked pretty funky when we left

So I went to Area 51 a couple of weeks ago with the girl above Saya and her boyfy Chris, they also went to Shoal Bay.

buying smokes, saw this, was truly amazed by the size of it

And then I looked on the shelf and saw all this crazy stuff
I wish I had bought runts, I used to get them all the time when 
I went to the dentist, they were in a little machine

I work at a bar and yet I still for the life of me cant figure out what this drink is
it was great

pre drinks at world bar


Gross photo, but this is the shots at black bird cafe, they were pretty good too

And this is the only photo I actually got inside
it was intense
ended up losing everyone and getting lost in the city
met lots of new friends on the nightrider home
life is good   

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