Shoal Bay Day 4

Our last day at Shoal Bay
Ok so it rained in the morning so we watched some movies but soon enough the weather cleared and we went down to the beach for our last swim..

The super wicked sandcastle Locky and Yol made

The dead sting ray that swept up onto shrore

Look at the little boys hand in that pic

Jackson Pollock on Josh Bentley by Erica 

Just a few chilled out beers after dinner

Hayley the Penguin

The lounge that everyone wanted to be on, because it was the biggest ?

I can't say these photos are in order, but then again my memory of that night isn't really that organised
But I will try and describe most of the events

Yol being crazy hot

My girl saya, straight out of disneyland

I love these people with all of my heart

This was around the time that I realised drinking out of a cup was boring so I got a big glass jar :)

my bitches <3

I think this was when the jug was starting to get empty

the trippy as candle

getting ready for the royal wedding

The best thing I remember about this night was the crazy dancing
I remember at one point me josh and locky and yol got into a little dance competition
we danced to waltz, samba, jazzy music, it was mental
but I had an amazing time 

this is the kind of holiday that you will never forget
amazing place
amazing time
and amazing people you will never forget

Josh showing us his moves

the competitors after our dance off

my jar
ice tea + vodka

the people I will love forever

our house

I was blinded by the flashing lights

I am scared about forgetting all of this


This was my schoolies, and I will always treasure this trip 
I have been putting off finishing these posts about the Shoal Bay roadtrip
Not just because I have been a little busy.. its more that is hurts looking at these photos
not in a bad way, but more in a "I want to go back there more then anything way"

I guess more the reason I didn't want to put these up was because I miss him 

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