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VI. End of Cruise

After Vila we had three days at sea. Each day started with us meeting for our breakfast of Special K and some. On sunday morning the ship had a brunch as well, so we decided to meet up a bit later. During the night our phones had automatically changed the time. Even though we had already adjusted all our watches for daylight savings earlier on the cruise. Ben and Kat and Luke and I ended up going to brunch an hour early. We somehow just missed eachother. And when we called Joelle and Keegan thats when we realised what had happened. Lucky all our watches were showing the real time. That was a very weird morning. 

The above photos and any other photos of food in this post are off Joelle's blog femmefitale. This was what our breakfast looked like most of the time. Plus lots of "Aussie" bacon and eggs. The above photo is french toast and coco pops. It sadly wasn't as great as it sounds. Mine was a tad burnt and it was just a bit of a mess really.

Not going to lie, these paintings were on each floor in different colours and I was completely obsessed. There were a couple of different mermaid ones which I was often pointed out by our friends, "look it's you". But at this point the ocean was outside and I was trapped inside when all I wanted to do was go snorkelling again. 

We spent way too much time in the duty free shops on board. Mainly the jewellery store. The boys combined would have spent I think at least over $1000. Luke and I became pretty obsessed with watches.

The boys in their natural element. Being on the cruise and being friends with the great people we met really got me in to the gym. Training with the girls was so much fun. I miss it so much. I learnt so much from Joelle. She won 2013 Natural Olympia and she is an absolute rig. If you are interested in fitness I highly recommend checking out her blog she posts some incredible articles and is truly inspiring. Her butt is my motivation.

This is a recent photo from Joelle during this years competition. How amazing does she look!!

On Sunday night everyone was watching the footy, the boys and Kat were pretty excited. Joelle and I weren't really fussed. In the last blog post you may have noticed it was really cloudy at the end of the day. That night was by far the worst night on the cruise, movement wise. There was a storm outside and it was physically impossible to walk in a straight line. I had already had my bit of seasickness, and sadly it was Luke's turn on the one night he was really excited about. We ended up having to stay in the room for the night, which meant luke wasn't able to watch the game. He was pretty upset. We got the boys to call our room to update us. And couldn't remember who won for the life of me.

On one of the days we all got together and rode the waterslides. The Green Thunder (chunder) was pretty scary. You are standing in a capsule and the floor falls from underneath you and water rapidly attacks your face. Sounds fun right? It's over in less then 30 seconds and we have the best video of Keegan holding the GoPro and going down the slide. It's pretty great. I will get all my videos together and edited soon so I can share the great footage we got with our multitude of GoPro's.

Above is most likely a photo of Joelle confusing the waiters when trying to request greek yogurt for breakfast. To be fair there is a bircher muesli you can order which has the yogurt in it. It's just trying to explain to the waiters that you want that yogurt which is the hard part.

We couldn't find everyone one afternoon so Luke and I decided to play ping pong finally. It wasn't too windy this day. Yes the ping pong table is outside. I know right, genius! We then got real weird and started making up weird rules and at one point we both had the GoPro head strap on and were filming our mad pro skills. This was one of those little snippets I won't forget, just having stupid fun with the boy that I am so ridiculously in love with.

It hurts how different this looked like in real life. We couldn't get a good photo of it. This was the most pink and magical sunset, I wish I could have shared it with all of you.

Luke: "Erica's on the red wines again, oh no."

Just a blurry photo from one of the many very weird performances our waiters put on for us every night. I didn't love them, I didn't hate them, they just happened.

Purple Mermaid

This was Luke and I on the Cruise's first "Elegant night". Yes I was lazy and outfit repeated. I don't have many nice dresses tbh.

This was on the last elegant night of the cruise. We all got a good amount of drunk and decided to take some pro photos. We didn't want to pay for them because we took so many so these are our sneaky photos of photos because photos.

The boys copied our pose, and they did it flawlessly! Who wore it better?

Everybody meet 'The bubbler'. This was a weird face that Kat and Ben had been talking about the whole cruise and it was ruining the rest of us waiting to see it. He finally brought out 'The Bubbler' and it did not disappoint. Looks so much better in person. I couldn't get a good enough quality photo of the photo because the people at the store cracked on to what we were doing.

A couple of the photos were kind of perfect so I had to buy them. It hurts my heart so much seeing these photos, I miss these amazing people so much. I can't even explain the bond you make with people after seeing them everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and everything in between. I actually feel homesick for all of them.

. Make friends

This is the watch I bought Luke for our Two Year Anniversary. It's so stunning. Very art deco.

Here's to the best 10 day's onboard the Carnival Spirit. I had an amazing time with my favourite person in the world. I couldn't think of anyone better to travel the world with. This time we ticked off New Caledonia and Vanuatu. I can't wait to start ticking more places off our list. I will cherish the time spent on this ship and more so off this ship with the amazing group of friends we managed to put together. Joelle I miss our sauna dates and gym sessions and the constant motivation you were to me every day. Kat I miss your beautician horror stories, awkward sentences and drunk girl dancing in the club together. Keegan I miss how you always flipped around what everyone said to make them sound bitchy, "Are you wearing that out tonight?" and of course "SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKER". Ben I miss your sense of humour, you could always make us smile and of course the bubbler. Here's to the warm melting chocolate cakes, snorkelling adventures, discovering new places together, touching turtles, riding the green chunder, uniting the GoPro's, the girls vs boys basketball game, the scarily aggressive games of spoons we played nightly, shots of gold patron, gym sessions, and most of all our family breakfast, lunch and dinner. And somehow we managed to work things out without phones in the mix. I love you all so much and I can't wait to see you all again for another adventure. Thankyou Carnival for a killer 10 days and for putting us on table 106 together.