I. Cruise

That moment you realise that you will be spending the next two weeks cruising with your favourite person in the world to celebrate your two year anniversary.

The worst part about my love for travel is that I love my dog the same amount. It breaks my heart leaving her behind, even if its just for a weekend. And I know she gets pretty devastated when I leave as well. We are pretty close.

I'm sorry baby, I'll be back soon I promise.

Got dropped off at Circular Quay a bit early so we could check out the boat we would be living in for the next 10 days. Ended up being involved in a busker act, I was apparently his ex-wife. No thanks.

Dat boat tho

After hopping aboard and putting our stuff in our room we were quick to head up to the main pool deck to catch some rays on the beautiful day and to get our first boat drinks. I had a frozen cocktail that was a concoction of mango and coconut. It tasted great until you got halfway down, and then you just felt like you were drinking syrup. I tried another cocktail later on in the cruise and it did the same thing. Which is a shame because for the first few sips they are actually really nice.

Sydney killing it at dusk.

Dress / Tigermist

Bon Voyage Sydney!

Spent the first day at sea sunbaking with Luke, reading books and playing tetris. For some reason when I thought about the cruise I didn't picture it being windy. I thought it would just be still air, maybe a slight breeze here or there. I pictured heated pools and slides (they weren't) and swimming all the time because it was so hot (we didn't). It was quite hot during the day, but you couldn't really tell because it was so windy. We spent the day in the adults pool area, because we made the mistake of booking during school holidays.

Strawberry Daiquiri. Good for the first 10 sips.

They had the wine that mum and I fell in love with in Cairns. It was $13 a glass and I had a glass or two almost every night, it's hard to say no to good wine.

The towel animals we came back to at our cabin. 

We had upgraded to a balcony room because for some reason it was the same price when we were booking it. This was our view for most of the cruise. This was the second day out at Sea.

I bought Luke the Gopro pole for our anniversary and other accessories. I am actually so obsessed with the Gopro. It takes the best photos.

Dress / Sportsgirl
Cardigan / Ally

There was a little kiosk on the ship called 'The Taste Bar'. Each night they did a different mini entree sized dish that you could try. This was one of them. It was pumpkin soup and I think pulled lamb. I can't really remember but it was really nice.

We spent the day just relaxing. No internet. No phones. No emails. Just pure serenity. This was my chance to take a little break from the world. And considering internet cost like $3.00 a minute I decided to take up this opportunity to really escape.

And I couldn't think of anyone I would rather escape real life with, then my babes.

Endless sunsets over the water.

This was our first two days on the Carnival Spirit, and I couldn't have been happier. That night we met the four amazing people that we would be spending the rest of the trip with.

Cruise Bucket List
. Find a turtle whilst snorkelling
. Get a tan
. Get extremely drunk one night
. See clown fish
. Snorkel in New Caledonia
. Snorkel in Vanuatu
. Make friends
. Visit Duck Island
. Find souvenirs
. Drink a coconut in paradise
. Find the cave in Lifou
. See a shark whilst snorkelling
. Get cliche tourist braids
. Markets
. Duty free shopping
. Talk to a local
. Celebrate Two Year Anniversary in New Caledonia



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  1. I love you guys, This looks amazing and I can't wait for the rest of posts. - Bambi xxx