IIIV. Mystery Island, Vanuatu

I think Mystery Island, Vanuatu would have to be my favourite Island that we visited. There wasn't a lot to do there. But it was just so beautiful. After we hopped off the ship, we booked a tour on the island. The tour we booked stopped off at a shark cave and also a place where we could see turtles again.

We had a little time before we left for our snorkelling trip. So we walked through the island and then just hung out on the other side. Honestly still can't get over how beautiful it all was. 

Joelle modelling her hot bod in the background.

Seriously though, goals.

I miss these girls so much. It was like having sisters for 10 days. We all were so different and had such different likes and interests but we all got along so well. Missing cruise life so much. Just getting up and going and meeting everyone for a breakfast of Special K was such an amazing way to start the day. Waking up at home is so boring now.

Home is wherever I'm with you.

I found a pet in paradise.

Shameless selfies on the boat ride to our first stop, the shark cave. If you do go to Mystery Island one day, prepare yourself. I don't think deodorant is a thing here. And the people sit in the sun all day long. Catch my drift?

Back in the underwater wonderland, where I belong.

. See a shark whilst snorkelling

That was the shark cave. You had to dive down to be able to see the shark. We took a good GoPro video where you can see the sharks. They are just little reef sharks. Nothing to get too scared about. But the coral here was amazing!

. Snorkel in Vanuatu 

It was so hard to snorkel here because of the current. The water was breaking just a bit before us so we were stuck in some strange natural current. Luke had to get out after a while because of his leg. It was also quite shallow here so you had to be really careful trying to manoeuvre around the current and the coral. It was just so tiring we all ended up getting out to go to our next location.

Our next location was a little bit scary. We hopped back in the water when the guy told us to. This was the place we were stopping off to hopefully catch a glimpse of a turtle or two. As soon as we got back in the water it was a bit of a shock to look down. The water was so clear, but you still couldn't properly see the bottom. It was all a bit disorientating. 

I have never been in water this deep before. I was just watching Joelle, Keegan and Ben see how far they could dive down. I was not really good with diving underneath, so I just played on the top and tried to spot a turtle.

Joelle saw a turtle with the tour guide but it swam away really quickly. I didn't see it though. But that's ok I still had fun.

We had a few hours to kill on the island before we had to get back on the ship. After a little stroll along the island we all went to the markets.

My hair in ultimate faded mode.

. Markets

These were the markets. I bought a leopard shell, my Grandma used to have them at her house and I was always obsessed with them. I then got a drinking coconut and was extremely let down. It was the most sour coconut I have ever drunk.

. Drink a coconut in paradise

We then all spontaneously got braided. I originally wanted three in the middle of my head but the lady had no idea what she was doing so I just told her to do them on the side.

Luke even got a cheeky one.
 .Get cliche tourist braids

Another lady ended up coming and finishing mine in like 2.5 minutes because the other lady was taking a lifetime to do just one.

Favourite photo.

It started to get pretty cloudy when it was time to get back onboard. We were a bit nervous because these looked like storm clouds. And we were not too keen to be on the ship during a storm.

Even with all those clouds this Island still looked perfect. Definitely my favourite place.

The next day would be our last stop at Vila, Vanuatu. Apologies for the excessive selfies, but hey, when in Vanuatu. 



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