July Recap

I will start this post describing why my hair went from purple, to faded horrible purple with brown purple roots to an amazing platinum blonde colour. It started at Studio B in Cronulla where I went to get my roots lightened with Olaplex and then the rest of my colour refreshed.

Side note: how cute are these shoes from Cotton on! I got them during a 2 for $60 sale so now I have way too many cute shoes from Rubi and Cotton On.

As you can see the colour wasn't actually that bad. I just needed to get my roots done and get some dead ends cut off. 

My head was painted an I didn't say anything because I usually trust that the hairdresser knows what they are doing. Despite my asking for Olaplex and being quoted for Olaplex, my roots were not lightened in the slightest. Instead a dark purple was painted on top.

The ends were nice and the colour was refreshed. They curled my hair then stood me behind a light to get some nice photos. At this point it was night time and I couldn't properly see the colour that they had done. It didn't really look that great in my opinion. 

That night I tried to forget the fact that I had basically just spent $250 on a haircut hanging with Chad and then catching up with Gen to watch Finding Dory. Which by the way, 10/10 would watch 7 more times. 

This was the next day... my hair pretty much looked the same except a bit shorter and curled.

That week I was invited to enjoy a delicious meal at Zebra Green, which you can read more about here.

My friend introduced me to the majesty that is Bondi Tony's Burgers. They were almost too satisfying.

Celebrated my good friend Locky's birthday, first at Cronulla then ending up at Vinyl Room where we danced like crazy, and I had many a drink spilt on me. And then I dropped home the Birthday boy and friends and spent some quality time with his dog, Joey Joe Joe.

At this point you can probably tell I was pretty upset with my hair colour. This is what happened after one shower with colour protecting shampoo and conditioner. The roots are literally brown purple which is not at all what I asked for.

And the colour had pretty much all faded out and become blotchy again. I can make colour last longer when I do it myself! After a stupidly long phone conversation where Brooke (Studio B) basically said I (The paying customer) was wrong and that they would not fix my hair, like any other hair salon would offer to do for an unhappy customer. I basically let go of the $250, which at this point I could have just thrown in the bin and been more satisfied. Went to Bankstown Hairhouse Warehouse and was looked after for half the price.

They toned it silver twice for free and the colour that it came out as was amazing! The roots didn't lift because of the dye Studio B had covered them in. But it lifted to this really nice dark blonde that when toned ended up this really epic colour.

I was really happy being blonde. I needed a break from the couple of years I had spent being lilac and being called Tigerlily on a daily basis even though her hair colour was turquoise. seriously boys, learn your colours better.

Went and got jiggy to my favourite boy band Polaris, you can read more about my #1 groupie status on this blog post. They are an amazing group of musicians and I am so proud of how far they have come in the hardcore music world in such a short amount of time.

Don't you even know dignity when you see it?!

You should check out the dope new merch Polaris have up at bigcartel.

This was my first time seeing Parkway Drive. It was pretty rad. Hung out with the lighting dudes after, drank beers and discussed Simpson's references and music tour stories. 

Dinner dates at Northies with the scallywags.

I went to the debut Skirt Club event in Sydney. Skirt Club is an exclusive members only club for Bi-curious women to meet and explore that side of the selves. I took my lesbian friends with me for support and ended up getting excessively drunk and having to take myself home early. Note to self, if you are going to take a flask, drink half as much as usual. I ended up dropping my license, opal card and debit card in the cab. Only realised this when I went to 7/11 to buy food. Caught the train without paying. Then fell asleep and ended up at Wooloware station, 20 minutes past my stop where my dad was waiting for me. Basically it was a really great night until I decided to bring the flask out. I haven't touched it since.

My friend Hanne went to Japan so I decided to make her a couple of rough city guides of places I liked and random things to know. 

Take note instagram, until you introduce epic filters that make us look like flawless goddesses, I will probably keep using snapchat. Add me @yeswanderlust, same as instagram. 

Went to a Canada Day event at Young Henry's where they were serving up traditional Poutine with actual cheese curds. We almost arrived a bit too late but were just able to sweet talk the chefs into making just two more for us Poutine lovin gals. The pub was packed and there was a very moving rendition of the Canadian Anthem, which for some reason I know the words to. People were dressed up, and the general vibe was just amazing.

The last Poutine of the night always tastes the most delicious.

My dad has been carrying around a bag that weighs almost 2kg when it was completely empty. We soon found out that there was a hole in his coin pocket and all of the coins had fallen into the lining. He had all of this money just chilling inside his bag and I can barely afford a $2 sushi roll.

Obsessing over my new hair.

That little red mark had me on the floor crying in pain for a good 5min. It was night time and I went to the bathroom. I left my bedroom door open so the big dog would go in my room. The little one followed me as usual. On my way back to my bedroom I picked up the little one and to my surprise the big dog was sprawled across the entrance to my door. I fell straight on my knee, launching Sass forward in an attempt to protect my face. My one knee took all my weight on the stone floor and I don't think I have ever been in such shock because of pain before. I have never broken a bone or anything like that (touch wood) but my knees have taken a fair beating over the years due to my clumsiness. 

jacket / Topshop
hat / Pigeonhole
necklace / Sportsgirl
scarf / Seed Heritage
wallet / Missguided
jeans / Topshop

Tried Manmarya Ramen at Hurstville. This was my first time getting a Bento Box and a MINI ramen. My ramen was basically the same size as Lani's! It was a very filling meal, which I obviously couldn't finish. The ramen here is pretty good, would reccomend the Tonkotsu Shio. 

During this period in time Pokemon Go became a thing, and it was a glorious time for everyone.

Cocktails and ribs with the family (and Rick) for my Dad's birthday at Hurricane's. 

I FINALLY got my first Lip Kits after months of watching them sell out before I even had a chance to open the website. I bought Candy K and Mary Jo K. In regards to colour I am a bit dissapointed in Candy K as I hoped it would be more Nude then Pink. But Mary Jo K is the most perfect Red lipstick I have ever worn. The formula is really good. But make sure you don't apply too much on your lips. Only one coat is needed. The more you apply, the easier it peels off in little chunks. If you wear just one thin layer it will last hours through eating and drinking. I haven't tested kissing yet, but I will get back to you.

Went out west to get my car serviced. Decided to take Sass and we went on a little wander in nature. It was amazing.

I will catch you up on my dating adventures in my next monthly recap. Too excited to tell you all about my Bali trip!