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Ever since I gave up smoking (still occasionally naughty on nights out) I have been working really hard to look after my face. The number one key to skin is hydration. I always buy Litre bottles so I can aim to drink at least two, but I'm not the best at sticking to it. I have been going to Laser Clinics for a while now for hair removal, which has been completely life changing! I decided that I should check out how they could help me fix up my face. I love the ladies at Laser Clinics Australia in Caringbah. I have gotten different girls every time but they have all been so lovely and have taught me so much about my face and how to look after it.

I paid for two enzymatic peels and two microdermabrasion and got two of each free! It was expensive and I probably wouldn't have put so much money in if I knew I would be unemployed soon after. But you know what, this was a major investment in my face and I haven't looked back. You are meant to alternate between the two treatments every two weeks but I like to keep them spread out monthly and usually after my period when my face breaks out the worst. The enzymatic peel is seriously amazing. The first time I got it I felt like my whole skin was absolutely glowing (top photo) and I don't just mean because it was red. A lot of people react differently to this treatment but my skin seems to love it. During this session I was taught that the pimples I mainly get around my chin and mouth are hormonal. While the cheekbone pimples are linked to my lungs. These ones have disappeared dramatically since I stopped smoking regularly! And whenever I do smoke on a night out I notice that I will break out in that spot over the next couple of days. 

I am trying not to completely overwhelm you with word vomit but I have just learnt so much about looking after my skin and I want to share it with you all. The other treatment I get, the microdermabraison is mainly used to exfoliate and remove dead skin from your face with this cool little instrument. After my first treatment the girl opened the machine they use to show me the filter where the skin is caught (changed for each client). She showed me how much skin had actually been taken off my face and told me I needed to exfoliate more. Which was actually kind of a shock to me considering I thought I already was exfoliating too much.

I use Frank coffee scrub in the shower and sometimes separately as a face wash/ mask. I really love how it exfoliates but also leaves your face and skin in feeling moisturised. My absolute favourite is the Coconut Frank. It's the most moisturising mixture out of the three I've tried so far, the other two being Original and Cacao which is my current blend. One skin issue I have always seemed to have on and off is this weird skin behind my arms. After years of not knowing about it I finally found out that it is known as "Chicken Skin" and apparently is doesn't have a real cause or cure. Mine just comes and goes and doesn't concern me too much. But Frank has really helped me to smooth out the little bumps when they pop up. If any of you know anything about chicken skin and what it is please contact me on my tumblr.

My main moisturiser for everything used to be Coconut Oil like the Pure Tan one pictured above. But after learning that it doesn't work well as a face moisturiser because it blocks pores, I have decided to just use it on my body. Bondi Sands Liquid Gold has been my ultimate favourite fake tan lately. I am not usually one to get self conscious about winter skin considering I usually rug up. But I had a couple of shoots lately where I need a bit more colour and this tan really saved the day. I don't like the idea of having to shower a few hours after applying a tan, which is why I love this product. Just rub it on, it's oil based which is another reason it works so well. I know this is about skincare but I thought I would throw in my two cents on fake tan as I am pretty new to the whole concept of it as well.

A product that came to my attention on Instagram recently was Bare Babe Exfoliating masks. As soon as I saw coconut and coffee combined in face care I just had to try it. After reading up about it, this looked like a product which could get me through long hauls between laser clinic sessions. It's kind of an enzymatic peel and a microdermabrasion rolled into one. The mask contains a fruit enzyme which may tingle and make your face look pink for a little while afterwards. But thats a good thing, it means the mask is doing it's job.

When you're waiting for your face mask to dry so you past the time by taking selfies. This mask worked a treat. It cleared off a whole layer of skin and the redness was gone so quickly. I also exfoliated while washing it off. I was massaging my face to get the blood flowing to it. I realise now that I have been avoiding exfoliating because I know I break out after I do it. But I have learnt now that these break outs need to occur and it's just a part of the natural cycle. Once you start getting into a routine of washing your face morning and night and exfoliating regularly then you will start to see a dramatic change in the look and feel of your skin. I feel like I have scrubbed all these cigarette toxins out of my skin and it's even more encouragement not to smoke. Side note, another great skin investment is a silk pillowcase. It is expensive but you only need to buy one. Not only is it good for your skin but it's also good for your hair.

Another important thing I changed was the cleansers I was using. I do use the Skinstitut Lactic cleanser samples I get from Laser Clinics, although my current two main face washes I use are pHisohex antibacterial which I use in the shower and Benzac Spots cream cleanser which is a lot less strong then the usual 5% strength gel cleanser from the same brand. On top of this I have been trying to wear a lot less makeup and obviously making sure I clean my makeup really well whenever I do use it. I have also adopted more natural makeup brands like Bare Minerals and Inika. I already need a new Bare Minerals Concealer because it was such a perfect colour for my skin. Should really just invest in a liquid foundation by them.

This is the pinkness that occurs after you wear the mask. This was after the second time I tried the mask. I waited to write this post until after my period so I could truly test how it cleared my hormone pimples. At the time of writing this I can't express how happy I am with my skin. I have been sick in bed all weekend so other then being very pale my skin is very clear and I am very happy with it.

Those dots on my cheek are the aftermath of an onset of hormone pimples. Barely even noticeable!! Other then my horrible ghostlike paleness, I am really comfortable walking out of the house with no makeup. I love feeling confident in my own skin and this is why I wrote this post. It has massively boosted my self esteem being able to keep my skin in check. I have been eating healthy and looking after myself on the inside and out and when you do that it honestly makes you glow. My next challenge is to get on top of my sleep to help fix my eye bags.

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