Design & Technology Major

 Ok so I am not good at woodwork, actually I have never done it before. So my project was not made to the highest quality but i was more focused on the concept rather then how well I made it

The basic idea is that I made an armrest design concept which lounge manufacturers can pay to use within the design of their lounges. It is supposed to be an extension that provides the function of a side table and when removed can have magazines etc put in it. 

Ok too much writing, just have a look and tell me what you think 

Celebrating end of majors

Happy 18th Alex

Art major

Here is my Art Major for year 12 which was handed in today.
It is called "Untitled (2011)"

Below is a close up of the images I took
Click to see larger versions

Each photograph relates to art from the past I will put the original artworks underneath 

And this is my artwork on display at showcase night

Thats right, I'm smack bang in the middle :)

Me being a happy sunflower because my majors are done