August Recap; Recovery, 9 to Thrive & a New Job

A fair amount of August was spent in bed unable to move and looking miserable as ever. As much as I tried to eat healthy, weight gain was inevitable due to lack of movement. 

This was my lunch most days but on down days I did tend to binge a little. It's hard to stay on track with your health and fitness when you can't exercise. 

I got sent Minetan to try and I am actually so obsessed with this green undertone! I still need to do a proper shoot when I am all tanned, but body issues have held me back from doing this. 

Being stuck in bed led to a big wardrobe clean with a lot of stuff being put up on Carousell. This was a short lived venture. I love the concept of Caroussel, but the effort involved to sell something for $10 was just not worth it. I have decided recently to let go of a lot of clothing I was holding onto in the hopes of one day selling it. I was never wearing it and it was just looking sad sitting on my shelf. I have donated my clothes to a number of different charities in the hopes that my clothing will make someone else happy. 

Going stir crazy at home. My first venture out was to my physio and to Boost afterwards. 

I was becoming quite talented at garbage salads, they look awful but have a heck load of good things for you. 

XOXO Smiles sent me their product to try. Charcoal is pretty crazy effective at whitening teeth. But you really should only use it once every 2 weeks to a month. It isn't the best thing for your teeth, if you use it too frequently it can wear away the enamel on your teeth. This is what my dentist told me when I told him how obsessed I was with charcoal for whitening. If you use it every second week it works wonders in making your teeth whiter. 

I started walking again after a couple of weeks. I was still in pain and was severely limping, doing exercises daily and seeing my physio twice a week. The riding instructor who picked me up from the hospital invited me to come spend the day at the horse riding school for some horse therapy. I spent some time grooming this beautiful boy in the photo above. There were three girls aged around 8-12 years old helping to teach me how to groom. It was a very Saddle Club moment. 

After Tassy was finished teaching her lesson she took me into the ring to show me training. She showed me how to get the horse to run in a circle, then how to make it stop and walk towards you. This part scared me a bit as the horse would walk straight towards you and it would seem like it wasn't going to stop, but then it would stop so close to you you could feel its breath. I didn't get on a horse that day and I still haven't. I am just not ready yet. That day was a lot for me, as much as I love horses, that fall really scared me. They are so beautiful but also so powerful.

 I spent this day trying to focus my energy on not tensing up and trying not to be scared. Horses have a sixth sense and are actually able to sense your anxiety. They are able to evaluate the emotions of those around them, and this is why they are seen to have strong therapeutic value. This day meant a lot to me. I would have stayed longer but my back was quite sore by the end of the day.

I went to the Business Chicks event 9 to Thrive. It was really awesome, you can see my video recap here.


The first day I went by myself and only lasted half a day. The second day I went with Rochelle. 

My highlight from the event would have to be hearing Kayla Itsines, Sjana Earp and Kelsey Wells speak about their SWEAT app and their lives in general. Very inspiring women and I can definitely say I left this event feeling very powerful and motivated.

After the event we walked into the Stables next door and chatted to some beautiful horses.

Back to job hunting. Looking cute as heck.

My new forever rings from Moonstone Magic. Absolutely obsessed with these babies. 

Babygirl Sara's Birthday. I lasted about 3 hours before my back gave out and I had to go home. Still had a good night though.

Brunch with my favourite Nicole at Pilgrims in Cronulla.

Read a lot of books this month. YOU by Caroline Kepnes is a pretty great read if you are into thrillers and general creepy vibes. A staff member at Harry Hartog in Miranda recommended this for me, I was pleasantly surprised. 

This horrible event happened. I am only posting because it luckily had a good outcome. 

HE WAS RETURNED. Pretty sure by the same guy that stole him.

My dream wallet came in the mail and I couldn't be happier. I got the last ever one!!! I also got a super cute pin for my leather jacket.

Game of Thrones being leaked early was great until you realized you had to wait longer until the next episode came out.

What Sassie and Missy looked like when they were baby puppers. 

You aged well Princess. 

When you don't want to go to a party alone so you take your dog. 

Boredom turned into a lot of pointless makeup sessions. I find putting on makeup so much fun. I would just sit there, put it on while listening to podcasts, take some photos then take it off and nap. Life.

I have been recommended to read this. Has anyone else ever read this book?

Ticked something off my Bucket List that I never thought I would be able to tick off, SEEING JERRY SEINFELD LIVE!

This was the month I started my manifesting journey with Alex Tripod. 

My kind of study break in between excessively long essays about Corporate Social Responsibility. 

Catch ups with Ellese Chloe at miscellaneous brunch spots with dope bruschetta. 

Dog friendly pubs are the way of the future. 

The Prince opened up in Kirrawee near where I live. Not only is the pub crazy aesthetic goals, but they serve these delicious poke bowls!

To end my August recap, I GOT A JOB AT STA TRAVEL! 

To be continued...