synchronised dogs

 my best friend L and I both have matching dogs
we decided to have them meet yesterday

My dog is a girl called sassy
And L's is a boy called Rufus 




Sleepover at elysha's

Just found these photos. This was before muck up day and all the girls (about 15 of us) slept over at elysha's. It was pretty good night. My highlight would most likely be the fact that one of the girls ran into a glass door. 


Rundles Cronulla

 I have been dying to go shopping lately but I am flat broke
Have just been window shopping and found so much amazing clothing at this shop
If you are unfamiliar with it, it's called "rundles" it is in cronulla on the main road and the clothing in there is to die for.

I really want that red bag in the background of this picture

the day we didn't go to the teddy bear picnic

This photo below was taken just as everyone had changed out of their muck up clothing and we were all getting ready to get on the bus to go to the picnic with the whole year

This photo was taken inside the foyer where myself and 5 others were ordered to sit and wait for our punishment for messing up the school on muck up day.

Thats right we spent the whole day sitting at school getting in trouble for something the while year did.

It wasn't that bad we just sat and talked and I was with my friends. The only thing that really irritated me was the fact that I was starving and hungover and the fact that they didn't give us food until we were allowed to go home at 1:30.

So I spent the afternoon with my two good friends who also got in trouble and we went back to Desmonds house and sat on in verandah in the sun in a blow up pool sharing a bottle of champagne and enjoying life.

Then a couple more joined our trio and we decided to trek it down to maccas to get some slurpees..
although we got sidetracked by the 7/11 byo "cup" day.

So we took it upon ourselves to buy a bucket from woolies and try our luck.

It worked
and the end result was 15L of amazing slurpee.

So it turned out to be a pretty good day in the end

Muck Up Day - Sphincter 11

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last TUESDAY/ school day ever!

Last ever school day 
Last ever day of having lessons
Last ever english lesson

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