Today was Mufti Day

And I was a Flower

The primary school is putting on the play Alice in Wonderland
How wicked is this cup!

The note underneath was given to me during 3rd period. It is an invite to a morning tea with the teachers and a couple of other selected students to reward our efforts in our majors.
So excited.
For those who don't know I somehow did 3 majors this year and miraculously survived.
Apparently only 8 people in the year were selected. 

Found a hula hoop when I was looking for a bandaid for my finger which I cut when we were breaking my DT major (see previous post).
Kept the hoop with me until lunch and had a pretty fun time at lunch playing.

I look stupid, yes I know.
But this was so much fun.
It doesn't look like it in the photo but I am actually doing that thing where you kick the hoop around your feet.

And that was mufti day.

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