Here is a summary of whatever month it is

My hair is falling out 

I got a job at Bangor Tav, that is my new uniform....no more disgusting McDonald's hat
ps: I resigned from mickey D's on thursday !! 

 My beanie and armwarmers I wear to school practically every day, have been keeping me warm through the particularly chilly ones.

This winter I have discovered a new found love for my bed and all its warmth

Found these in my bag after Northies, sour jelly belly's, with bags under eyes included

What I would look like blonde

But seriously though, how cute is my dog!!

Kicking back with Ldawg at casa woodward

sunday = floor drobe, monday = deskrobe, friday = bedrobe, saturday = cupboard, sunday = ....etc etc

And now to anyone who follows or views my blog I would like to share this message with you..


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