Old Profile Pictures

Going through my Facebook photos I realised I didn't need 200 profile pictures. That's right. 200!! So I invested some time into Spring cleaning and thought I would share with you the ones that got deleted.

New Years Eve after Nate asked me out. 2008/09

Trying on my old friends dress in her room. We aren't friends anymore. 

My 17th Birthday present

This is after the break up with Nate. Basically a big 2 year chunk is missing out of my profile pictures. 2010

After I dyed my hair, as we all do after break ups.

This was during my sticking out tongue phase

Gemma R

A photo taken off my old digital film camera. It was amazing. Shame it broke at a party.

A small snapshot from my skinny phase

At Mexican. This is after I first started dying my hair.

My hipster in winter phase.

Me trying to take nice photos of myself. If you want to buy this jacket go here

Ahh the blue hair phase. This was a weird one.

Classy, drinking out of a McDonald's cup

Walking home from Fashion Palette, 2nd year of working there.

Me experimenting with new camera, Canon EOS 550d


This penguin was called Haylee. I had her almost 3 years and she came to many a party. Although sadly at this one, which I dont know what we were celebrating, some inconsiderate asshole put a cigarette through her eye. R.I.P Hayls

Jelly shots with sank. If you aren't already with his infamy just go here

Awkward purple blue phase..

Southern Highlands <3

English class with Cam

Me with Cam a year after that photo was taken. 

Sam and I at the Sydney FC game. 2010

The time I had a party for my friend at mine because his dad is very anal.

That's embarrassing. But come on, we all had a duckface stage. 

disposable cameras <3

NYE 2010/11 
Put highlighter in my hair.. 

Christmas 2010 with L. She is scared of Santa. I don't know if you can tell but yes, she is crying. And this was my half silver hair phase.

Our OC night. We ate thai and watched many episodes of the OC.


I am filthy. Film camera. Me pretending to be munted.

Favourite festival I have been to so far.

Film camera's on the beach.


My hair isn't more red it's just the lighting.

Back to blonde. And me YOL and SAYA are officially the 3 best friends that anyone could have.

cocktails in the city with yes.

Sydney Festival

One of my favourite photos of all time. My best friends attempts at cheering me up because I was sad.

Valentine's day flowers from my lovely girlfriend ayesha.

muck up day

I went in my primary school uniform

Syd fest again..

First time going out after turning 18. Sorry the photos aren't very well ordered.

Area 51 with S

Oatley with yes


The 2 best guys

My best friend 

Northies.. my friend was throwing up and taking photos of me at the same time.

After work drinks at the tav.

The community and family studies assignment where everyone had to carry a baby around with them everywhere they went.

the sober night with L

fusions night at cronulla with yes


The tav with Hannah

Jewish night for religion class. Miss them.

I apologize for how lame I am.

Happy as a child

After getting my yes tattoo. Off to crown casino.

And that is a basic outline of some random things I have done over the past couple of years. Mainly with my hair. Lots of love.

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