With love from Perth

Day in, day out.
It's all the same, all work and no play makes Georgia a dull girl.
I want to escape more than ever, knowing I have to stay here for at least a year or two kills me.
I guess this gives me time to work out what I really want in life, what I really want to do and achieve and become. It gives me time to save a bucket load of money, to get my shit together, to learn things and gain knowledge that I wouldn't otherwise have and therefore I guess I will be better equipped to deal with moving to the other side of the world.

I have been working, sleeping, eating, working, eating, sleeping.... this is why I haven't been posting. I barely have any energy to stay awake.

I am falling asleep just typing this (bed time is soon and it is only 7:54 PM)
Anyway I wanted to just make a post pretty much telling you how much I adore you.
Did you know all my friends envy our friendship? They always tell me how much they wish they had a Pen Pal, they think it is so awesome that we are so close and are so open with each other even though we live on opposite sides of the world.

You will forever be my friend Erica, usually distance pulls people apart but with us that's just the opposite. Without distance we would have never found each other (I guess that doesn't make sense because if distance didn't exist then we would be connected at the hip but I hope you understand what I mean hahaha), it's distance that brought us together. Whenever I think about my future now you are there with me, sitting in a London Cafe having a coffee and reading a magazine, or on a plane to Paris for the weekend when we both have stable jobs and are able to take spontaneous trips. I imagine us traveling the world, sipping on cocktails by the pool in Spain, laughing at the Eiffel tower because an old french man just blew us a kiss, riding little old pale blue bicycles through the pebble stone streets of greece, eating our very first american Mcdonalds meal (and having a heart attack afterwards).... I don't care where we are or what we do I just want to be with my soul mate having the times of our lives.

I just want you to know that you are the strongest person ever. You can get through this rough time, I don't get paid until next week but if you need money next week let me know and I will literally transfer money into your account. You will get through this and look back and think 'wow, I am so strong. I went to London by myself, took on the world. I did this all on my own and I can do anything.'

I sound like a woman's talk show on day time TV right now but I don't even care.
Write to me about anything whenever you want. I am here for you and I want you to know that as soon as I can escape Perth I am getting on the next plane to London.

This was a terrible update, but there is nothing really to update you on.
Here is the only things that have happened in my life that are slightly significant:

  • I learnt reception at work (it was so scary but I did it and am so proud)
  • Next week I am getting my Macbook and this means SKYPE!!!!
  • I am looking for a good singing and guitar teacher so I can make music woooo
  • I am almost finished the Hunger games series (we need to discuss our feelings on this because I am actually dying that I am almost finished)
  • I started watching a series called Mad Men and am absolutely hooked.
  • I am starting an online vintage clothing store thing (which I will tell you more about personally.
  • My life is boring
  • boring
  • boring
Mum just called out "GEORGIE YOUR FAVOURITE SHOW IS ON" ahhhh no I want to finish this with pictures and music and love but I will write again soon! Let me know what you think of the Instagram idea. Love you to the moon and back times infinity. Sorry I am a terribly illiterate and uninteresting person but I promise to embark on some interesting journeys that will make good stories soon. Have a beautiful day/night whenever you read this, keep updating me on how you are going.


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