Sydney's Wild Side

I wanted to go out and explore the city I had missed so much for so long. So Luke took me out one day to see the animals at the Wildlife Park and the Dugongs at the Aquarium. We were actually supposed to complete the Trifecta, Aquarium, Wildlife Park AND Madame Tussades but we didn't get time to go to the wax house. 
T-Shirt / Witchery
Skirt / Zara
Belt / Vintage
Shoes / Zara
Chain / Topshop
Bag / Sportsgirl
Hat / Dotti
Sunglasses / Temt

As we were walking to the Aquarium we were swarmed with 20 year olds dressed in an array of costumes from army men to teddy bears. I actually got a pretty sweet photo on my film camera with all the army men around Luke and I. Just another weird happening in the city.

Lobster Face

Being everyday bad seeds at the Aquarium


So basically there was no doubt that this turtle was dead. The Dugong kept coming to try to wake it up. Or it was just pushing around the dead turtle for a laugh, you be the judge. Not that you could ever really get upset with an animal that is as repulsively cute as a dugong.

My babe <3

Separated at birth. Is it weird that I still really want one of these and I'm nearly 20. 

The perfect time of day, just the right temperature on a lovely wharf in Sydney. Couldn't be happier. We rested our little legs for a while before hitting up the Wildlife Sanctuary. 


The most perfect photo I have ever taken of an animal. Look at it's legs! 

Playing with the babys emu's

I love how pasty my skin still is from London. I still to this day haven't gotten a proper tan like I used to. I feel as though I have been branded with a British Moon Tan and forever will have to just live as a toothpaste amongst the oranges. Awesome day, feels good to be adventuring again. Even if it isn't in a different country, it's still an adventure. 

With Love from E


  1. love the outfit and love all the pics!
    thanks for your sweet comment on my blog - i'm now following you - hope you follow back and keep in touch xx

  2. your outfit is lovely! and don't worry I feel like I'm a toothpaste amongst the oranges too, despite not even going to london like you. x