A delayed review of the David Jones Fashion Launch

Wearing: Tank - General Pants
Pants - Cotton on
Boots - Wanted Shoes
Jacket - New Look
Chain - Cotton On
Watch - Casio

My inspiring horoscope in the MX at lunch. 

Being a dresser at the DJ Launch was great. There was a LOT of sitting around during the 2 days but it was fun. The first day was just rehearsals and of course steaming. Miranda, Samantha and Montana, all the big guns didn't show up on rehearsal day.  

I was Rachel Rutt's dresser, which was awesome because not only am I a bit of a huge fan of hers but she was also absolutely lovely to work with. This was her rack, well the first half of the outfits were hers. Her Lover outfit was amazing. But the 2nd day, which was the Media show they changed her outfit. 

At the end of the first day. The calm before the storm.

What I have been doing on my train rides home lately. Keeping it old school with Pokemon Blue.

The show looked great. We had rehearsals all day which was stressful. Clothing had holes, shoes were missing, make up was smudged and clothes needed steaming, the usual backstage mini dramas. I would just like to take a moment to thank the organisers for the delicious prepared lunches backstage. They were actually so good. I was collecting chocolate bars from my own bags and from the models lunches and then handing them out to Big Issue sellers on the street. That was my contribution to society for the day. 

My favourite looks were:

My least favourite looks:

We nicknamed this model "Stompy" because she was always angry and stomped a lot when she walked. 

To see the whole show click here

I was lucky enough to get photos with some of my favourite models, minus Bambi who I am utterly obsessed with. Please excuse the copius amounts of sweat and lack of makeup. Above is Ollie Henderson. 

The babe herself Rachel Rutt


I thought this was really cute. The models were all standing outside after the show watching themselves on the screens. 

This is another one of the models who I am now quite obsessed with. Her name is Sarah Stephens and she is the most naturally beautiful model I have ever seen.

This is a very delayed post but I have just been really busy and I am very behind on my blog posts. 
Will be updating everything in the next 2 weeks so fingers crossed by that time I will be up to speed. 

With Love from E


  1. Great post! :)


  2. wow, you're so lucky! totally jelous, looks like an amazing experience x