Roadtrippin to Shoal Bay

This is very late but last year around November my friends and I went on a roadtrip to one of my favourite places, Shoal Bay. Luke, Madi, Aj, Liam, Chris, Mitch, Locky, Jake and Ryan and I travelled down Friday afternoon and had a ridiculously great drunken time. Bit of a sausage fest now that I think about it. 

We stayed in Locky's grandparents house same as last time...

The drink of choice for this particular weekend. Friday night was spent drank, relaxing after the long drive. 

"It's the motherfucking Catalina wine mixer!"

The next morning we went out for breakfast, then went to the pub to kick start the next bout of drinking. 

That time we went to the Pub and I put $1 in the pokies and took out $15, happy days. 

Shirt - Vintage
Shorts Vintage, London
Shoes - Wanted
Headband Sportsgirl

We spent the afternoon tanning at the beach. Liam got a hideous singlet tan and the rest of the boys took him back to the house, so Madi and I stayed and tanned some more. 

On the Saturday Night Luke and I decided to go and watch the sunset and have dinner together. 

Afterwards we all met up back at the house for some more drinking. I assume by now you can see the recurring theme of this weekend. 

There were more photos taken on my SLR but I think some things should be kept off the internet. 
During this night Luke and I decided to tick something off our Summer Bucket List, "Skinny Dipping" so we snuck away and went back to the beach. It was a great night and the water was surprisingly warm. Perfect last night.

The morning, spent hungover and indulging in some great music.

Spent our last day soaking up as much sun as possible and simply playing at the Beach.

Long sunburnt drives home...

...with a spectacular view ;)


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