Backstage at David Jones Racewear Launch

Last Tuesday David Jones held it's Racewear Launch on a lovely sunny day in Centennial Park. The event was supported by Moet as you could tell by the pretentiously large-as-your-face gold champagne buckets glasses. People trotted around in red suits on well groomed horses and everyone seemed to have a smashing time. 

I was bundled up in a walk in closet backstage along with some of the tallest models I have ever seen, not to mention some of the prettiest. Above is Samantha Harris one of the DJ ambassadors. And those rainbow shoes she is sitting next to I think were between $1000-$2000 but I can't be sure exactly. Should have brought them out a couple weeks earlier for Mardi Gras.

Sadly don't remember this models name but she reminded me of my friend Nicole Millar, you should check out her page she has some pretty amazing songs. Now looking at the two maybe they don't look that alike in photos but they did look pretty similar in person..

That is some nice hair. It was a lot bigger in real life. The hairdressers put so much time into putting vavoom into this beautiful hair just to squash it down with a hat? That was a bit ridiculous if you ask me. 

I cut myself out of this one because I had gotten dressed and on the bus in less then 5 minutes that morning due to short notice so I didn't look that crash hot standing next to these stunning models. Above the first model is wearing the soon to be classic Ellery Swish Shell Top Dress out of the Fall 13 collection. See more of the collection HERE.

On the left is the tallest model I have ever seen and who was pictured before and on the right is the lovely model I had the amazing opportunity to dress. Her name is Carlie Park or Grima not too sure but either way she looks like a prettier, younger Rose Byrne and was an absolute babe. 

A few of the lovely TFI students + David Jones worker (the boy) I got to work with. 

It was a short, very fast paced backstage, runway show. There was a lot of talking by an array of wealthy racing names, which was extremely boring from backstage as it basically just sounded like talkback radio. This went on for too long, the show was too short, everyone was gone and it was over and done with before I even realised it started. 

Here are a few photos I found on the David Jones Facebook Page that pretty much sum up the main trends.

The outfit Samantha is wearing here pretty much sums up the Fall racing look that DJ's is going for, monochrome, elegant and classy is sexy. 

I love the first look in this group, monochrome seems to be the up and coming trend this winter. 

Over the top vintage 

Nudes and soft pastels 

Nude .vs. Lilac

Monochrome/ Cream .vs. Black

Vintage darling

Exquisite Millinery 

Elegant details

I love this step away from short over revealing dresses in painfully bright colours. I love vintage and I love monochrome. I don't like fascinators though, but I understand that this is a staple in any racewear launch. But I love that they are bringing back the bowler hat. Just putting it out there, I tried one on backstage and I was positively swimming in it. I have never been to the races before but I can't wait to go this season. Time to start looking for a new outfit. 

With Love from E

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