Madi's 21st

Another 21st, another 90's themed party, can't complain. I honestly would be over the moon if every 21st/ other parties this year were all 90's themed. I pretty much stressed all day trying to find a plaid skirt and a fluffy top, turns out fluffy jumper things are all the rage right now so that wasn't too hard to find. The plaid skirt on the other hand was a big challenge. 

I tried my hardest to pull off the effortlessly cool look of Corey Mason/ Liv Tyler in one of my favourite movies, Empire Records. It is my ultimate favourite style, and I can happily say that I have incorporated this look into my daily wear since this party. 

I also just really wanted to try out my new American Apparel garter. I think is goes pretty well with my $10 Target stockings.

Met up with Slaya at her sisters apartment in Glebe for pre-drinks, standard.

This is Gen (Bert) and she is an ultimate babe.

The party was at Madi's parents bar in St Peters. The night was pretty great, as you would expect from any 21st. 

Jumper / Target
ShoesDoc Martens

We are basically a couple.

And here's to the Breakfast Club of Inaburra High School.


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