Shoal Bay Day 1

The long drive up

This is Yolanda

This is Josh

This is Locky

After our trip to the bottle-o

This is Chris and Saya

Our awkward photo


The watermelon I brought up 

We played Kings and I ended up having to drink the middle jug. It was a mixture of beer, vodka, lime cordial and smirnoff cranberry goon. 

See that hand chain. We all bought one before we left. We needed something matching.

It was hats night. 

Watching family guy with the family

Cutest best friends

Just a pretty normal bunch of people

All the photos are in B+W because my camera screen is broken and you can't see the settings. But before I had left home I was doing some shooting with the computer so yer. Forgot to change the settings. The colour photos and the fish eye photos are from Josh's camera.

The greatest drink

I miss living with these girls so so much

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  1. i like the candid shots, sort of reminds me of cobrasnake photos :)