Shoal Bay Day 2

Ok so I had this thing where every morning I couldn't sleep in no matter how hard I tried. So on the first morning I decided to make everyone some french toast. Went to the shops, bought milk, eggs and bread and did the whole cooking shindig.
It was delicious

This is where we spent most of our time. The shoal haven beach. It was incredible.



And just having an amazing time. We didn't take much photos on the beach. To busy enjoying ourselves.

^This was on the wharf we al had to climb on because it had been closed off. 

After nachos we came back later in the night to watch the sunset.
"Infinity Young"

All of the above was Josh bentley's amazing photography.
His tumblr his www.knowiing.tumblr.com

The second night was probably the craziest. Most of the pictures havn't been uploaded because well...yer.

Had sausages and spaghetti for dinner that night. I had muffins with tuna. Ily being vegetarian.

Cheeseburger twisties are so weird

After dinner we all went to the "spa" and played "I never". That got us all fairly loose.

The boys got dared to put on bras

Our "spa" is clearly huge

And then came the dancing.


This was the joint we rolled. Seeing as Josh had taken half my deck, all the papers and filters with him into the water at the beach, we had no paper to roll it...

So we used the bible

And that was day 2 in the smallest amount of detail possible. Day 3 will be up soon.

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