Martin Place

 Went shopping today in the city today with Yolanda. When I can figure out how to get the photos off my phone and when she uploads hers I will share what I did but for now.... LOOK AT THE COOL STUFF I GOT :)

3$ fishnets from supre (I know) I don't know what for but hey

This really pretty purple nail polish from sportsgirl...I am in love

 Bought Marrissa and Yolanda's presents from Tiffany & Co
So excited to get my little green box for my 18th!

This cool hand bracelet thing from sportgirl was on sale for 3$
Bought matching ones for me, yol and saya for the weekend. 
Its going to be a very hippie roadtrip :)

Finally got one of these flower headbands, I think they are so absolutely adorable :)


  1. cute pictures (; like your blog (: