Shoal Bay Day 3

The saucepan Ashtray. We kept this going for nearly 3 nights but then somebody accidentally knocked it off the table. The rug was so dirty by the end.

Not many photos were taken today. We decided to have a day without photos to spend just relaxing on the beach and enjoying life. it was amazing.

This was me and josh bored in the morning being idiots

Sorry for the lack of photos. We spent the night watching the movie 23 which completely ass raped all of our minds. And then we all went to bed and came back out at exactly 2am at the exact same time and lit up a cig all at the same time. It was so weird..

And then we stayed up til 4 talking about conspiracy theories and parallel universes etc
You know...the usual.


  1. lazy days! love these photos! if you don't mind me asking what camera did you use for these? thank you!