Portobello Markets with my Uncle

My uncle from back home in Sydney came to visit me. He was actually in Africa this year working on the set of the film Mad Max. He was in London for a car show so I only had a day to catch up with him. It is such a great feeling seeing such a familiar face after being homesick for so long. We started our day in Leicester Square where we got a nice breakfast of eggs benedict one with salmon and one with bacon.

We ended up getting off at the wrong station as we were headed to Portobello Markets for the day. But where we got off gave us a nice walk through Hyde Park which I actually still hadn't seen.

Can you see that sausage in the grass?

We came across a mini dachshund puppy (which is what my dog at home is) that we played with for a bit. My whole Australian side of my family has dachshunds because my Nan was a breeder back in the day.

A beautiful french cafe which I hace completely forgotten the name of but I actually found out recently that we have one in Sydney at Bondi Junction Westfield shopping center. 

This reminded me of my pen pal. I would have gotten it if I (a) Had money and (b) if it wasn't so heavy.

This was my first time trying this drink because my pen pal had recommended it. The drink tastes as good as the bottle looks pretty.

We stopped in a local pub were my uncle had a pint and I had a classic Pim's. 


Poison bottles from the 1870's- 1930's, oh the things you can find in a market. I have never been to a market like this before. You could literally find anything you just needed to look hard enough. Some of this stuff dates back further then the time that Australia has been colonised. 

These were my favourite stalls. The ones where there would be a million of one item and you would just have to play Eye spy to find the one that tickles your fancy the most. Plus they just looked really cool.

This was the entrance to a fashion store which was around everywhere but I have completely forgotten the name. Point of the matter is, look at all those vintage sewing machines!!! Truly amazing.

The only time I ever had a waffle in London. 

And you can own this hat for the small price of £110 !

Class act!

Just an array of Happy meal toys

Possibly my favourite part of the markets

Everything was £1!!! I ended up getting a pair of shoes.

Speaking of shoes, these puppies are amazing.

This whole stall in the markets was dedicated to owls. It was the most gorgeous collection. I would have loved to buy something for my best friend Y but at this point in time I was living on the edge in regards to money.

The lady actually took this out and showed me it because I was so interested in her stall. It is a glass owl from the 1920's I think. Very expensive and very rare (apparently). It looks pretty angry if you ask me.

This creeps me out but also interests me a bit. I find it so weird that you can buy peoples old photos that have just been lost or thrown away. Imagine in the future if this happened to us. Our photos could be bought by future people. Imagine the type of photos they would find, slutty girls in clubbing photos, boys with no shirts on posing in front of the mirror trying to show off their lack of muscles, justin bieber  fans twitter photos with #cutforbieber, boob selfies, pictures of cats, the list is endless and terrible. The thing I like about these photos are that they are so conservative, peaceful and classy...such a different time. 

I am not very knowledgable in this aspect of the world, military, the army, serving for your country the navy etc. I guess I am just interested in where these pins come from and how they got to be in this market stall. Did people achieve them and then die in battle and these pins were taken off their blood drenched uniforms? Are they not very special pins that people just found them in gutters and trash cans? Or did they just simply make too many? I like to think each pin had a story, but at the same time if they do, it saddens me how cheaply you can buy them at a flea market. I don't mean to offend in this paragraph I just simply do not know anything about any of this.

Apparently you used to be given those red pins when you went to communist places as a quest.

#midlifecrisis but it is an amazing car let's be honest

My uncle had to catch a train North for the car show so this is where we parted our separate ways. It was so lovely spending the day with not only a familiar face but also family. We are both back home in Sydney now and just recently celebrated Christmas together. It's good to be home. But for the mean time let's continue.

A very famous vintage store where everything not only cost a lot but you had to ring the bell to even go in. This is the door to the shop that details some of the shops frequent customers.

The house with the blue door

An Australian 50 cent coin for sale in the markets. Made me laugh.

The new shoes, they look a bit odd from this angle and they may be half a size too big but I love them and still to this day that was the best £1 I have ever spent. 

I think this was the 120th edition of American Vogue. Biggest magazine I have ever seen. And definitely the heaviest.

Yes his dreadlocks touched the floor.

These two lovelies were walking around tied together pretty like they owned the place. It was positively adorable.

Would love to live here

I kid you not this poodle actually posed for the photo. I stopped to take a photo because I thought it looked ridiculous, so it also stopped, turned towards me and made a silly face. 

I will never get over these houses and how pretty everything looks in London.

This is inside Jamie Oliver's "Recipease" in Notting Hil, "a food and kitchen shop where you can learn to cook and make great food." Read more on his website HERE

I truly would love to live in a little terrace in a colourful street with bunting between the houses. Wouldn't it be just splendid.

With love from London

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