Models: Montana Cox & Vinnie Woolston
Photographer: Darren McDonald, shot in Paris 
Stylist: Christine Centenera, Vogue Australia's Fashion Editor

I have been a long time groupie of Ksubi ever since I was in year 8 and was able to choose my own designer for a textiles assignment. I fell in love with their in-your-face, controversial, small-beginnings, street/ denim-wear, rat infested runway label. Their designs were fresh and unique and the jeans fit like a glove, a quite expensive one at that. Over time I watched Ksubi grow and blossom into a slightly overpriced streetwear label that had in my opinion lost the passion that was in the design and the controversy. Over the time it became a cult-like label for those who could afford it. 

I was actually a little shocked to hear Ksubi was launching a children's line at Target. I imagined toddlers crawling in mud with the caption FUCK written upside down and backwards on their little t-shirts. But in reality what we ended up with was this..

a pricey way to dress messy children who don't really care about what they are wearing (well for the most of it). But maybe things will look up for Ksubi after the launch of the new collection AD/ BC which brings around the beginning of a new era for Ksubi. The new range that will be available online and in-stores in a month. A central theme of this collection is the crucifix which takes form of the classic Ksubi Cross, which seems apt symbolism of the brands re-birth after the recent departures of the brand's last remaining co-founders Dan Single (dating Bambi) and George Gorrow. The theme of this collection tackles religion, royalty and all things luxury streetwear.

The collection features rich embroidery, leather, deep purple velvet, bold baroque prints, and of course plenty of religious iconography. 

Will this collection keep Ksubi afloat as a luxury streetwear label or will the label have to keep relying on "selling itself out" as some would call it to stay on top of the game? Will these pieces join the ranks among Ksubi's already known cult classics or will they remain forgotten and overpriced left on the shelves? 

In the mean time, enjoying peeling your eyes at their latest collection. 

With Love from E

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