Wanderlust Tattoo Camden

The next day (back to London time) after our trip to Primrose Hill and our complication with getting myself a new tattoo, we decided to walk from Kings Cross to Camden Town. I don't actually remember why we did this, all I know is that it is one crazy long walk.

Kings Cross, also known as Crane City (bitch, crane crane city bitch)

Look at how fucking serene this guy is, it's ridiculous. You can't help but be jealous, mainly because he has most likely retired early and doesn't have to slave away for the any more of his life. Lucky bastard.

They had lots of photographs just like this one in a section of the wall. I couldn't help but take notice of this darling image. That's what I want one day. A decent house, a big garden full or roses and other beautiful flowers, and a loving man by my side holding my hand. I also like the addition of the cat. It is so sweet and lovely and makes me want to go knit and drink earl gray and discuss how silly children are these days. 

Surely they could have picked a better photo.

This was the gardeners house, or someone's house who works here. There were fairy lights strung up everything and a lovely garden.

The hauntingly creepy yet intriguing tunnels with their confusing art, be it street or commissioned. 

Apartment blocks

Slightly disturbing ad

We finally made it, and I was sweaty and hot from the walk but ready to go. I love tattoos, but only if they mean something to you and aren't a huge southern cross on your back, or family written in tacky capitals across your chest, we get it you have a family and your Australian. Geez do you want a medal for it or something.

Sadly I had to go this one alone D wasn't allowed to come hold my other hand. But to be fair I did get escape done alone without too much tears. Guess I used my Johnsons shampoo that day. By the way this was the same place I had gotten my "escape" done. It is literally called "Camden Tattoo and Piercing". It on the same side as the station and you go downstairs. I am pretty sure it is run by chicks which makes it even better (I may be a little bit feminist). I got my escape done by a girl called, kid you not "Angel".

Wanderlust: A desire to travel to seek one's own existence. 

I have wanted this tattoo ever since I learnt the meaning of this beautiful, beautiful word a couple of years ago. Not only does it sum up my whole world view of finding yourself, but it truly represents my time in London. And if you were wondering I wrote this font myself.

The dress is Witchery, Jacket is New Look, Witness Beanie and Topshop chain.

Me and the scoundrel comparing our fonts on the tube home.

And here's a pretty sunset to sum up another crazy, adventurous and extremely tiring days in good ol' London, fresh with my new ink.

With love from London


  1. Which font is it? :-)

  2. Hii lovely blog! I'd like to know the type of font you are using for the current tittle of the blog and the links to instagram and others. Congrats on your blog!