The Harry Potter Studio pt.1

That time Yeliz and I went to the Harry Potter Studio, also known as one of the best days in 2012 for me. 

We took a train there that took 40min. This train was such a waste of space. It was the size of an Australian train although instead of using the space by having 2 levels it was just large and flat. i know it isn't something of that greater importance I just like noticing little things when I travel. 

Another great thing about England is that dogs can come anywhere. Public transport, shops, you name it, you can most likely take your dog there. Everything is so much more relaxed their. Our government in Australia is so uptight compared to our cousins overseas, we are such a nanny state. It's the little things that make the difference sometimes. We spoke with this lady throughout most of the train ride. I think she may have been suffering empty nest syndrome. 

Once you get off at the train station you are met by a lovely themed double decker bus which you take to the studio. On this bus are tv's which tell you more about what you are about to see and to make the short trip more entertaining. 

You wait in line next to the closet under the stairs.

This is the man that makes your wait less boring. In this photo he is wearing my hat. I am not one for audience interaction, I get too nervous and shy and it just makes me uncomfortable as a fish in the desert.

If you are going to see this tour shortly or are planning to in the new future, I suggest you skip this blog post because I did take a lot of pictures. But to be fair throughout the tour you are guided by the actual actors on large screens who give running commentary of the whole tour which makes it so much more amazing. 

The Grand Hall

The floating candles

In a later post I actually stumbled into the cake shop that made these. They are solid chocolate and completely edible. 

I love the hair and make up for all of the characters. Each one is so specific and detailed.

Costume design never ceases to amaze me

The wands

Harry, Ron and Hermione through the ages. The first costumes are so tiny!

This tour is so well planned and constructed. Placed throughout are interactive screens that teach you even more about the amazing world of witchcraft and wizardry.

This is one of my favourite little parts of the tour, the potions lab. Each one of these bottles was carefully planned out and so much effort went in to making them all look so realistic. The strangest objects were used and manipulated to look like ingredients. 

D's office

Special effects

Everything is just done with such precision and every detail of every prop and costume is so carefully planned out and executed. This is to be continued, I just didn't want to overload you all of Harry Potter goodness. 

To be continued....
With Love from London

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