The Abbey road that wasn't and for the love of Topsop

Y and I had planned out our day so that we would hang out at Oxford Circus, do some wandering then make our way towards Abbey Road Crossing. We never ended up leaving Oxford Circus.

Middle of the Oxford Circus Crossing Antics 

We started at a lovely cafe near Carnaby Street called Sacred. It is listed as one of London's top cafes and I can see why. But avoid busy times because it won't have that relaxing wooden chalkboard charm.   And the teapots are super cute.

Middle of the Oxford Circus Crossing Antics 

Spent a bit longer then we expected trying on lipstick in the M.A.C store

Wearing: T-shirt - GAP Basics
Jacket - New Look
Tights - Glassons
Shoes - £1 from a flea market
Necklace - Lovisa
Bag - Longchamp

We came across this store that I had never even seen before which was surprising because it was right across the road from M.A.C. This shop was amazing. Every sculpture you see in the photos is made entirely out of chocolate. The place was very cold and the chocolate tasted amazing and cost a fortune. We actually spent a long time talking to the owner whilst she kept us interested by giving us free chocolate. She told us prices for the different scupltures, celebrities who always buy them, how they are made and how they are kept. But if you want to know more you will have to find out for yourself at 


Free samples

Obsessing over this lipstick colour which you can barely even see in this photo. It was a corally pink colour and I am kicking myself for forgetting it's name.

This is the menu. They just put the chalkboard in front of your table and wander off. 

Salty Peanut Butter/ Chocolate thickshake

A coconut macaron which we could barely eat after our delicious fondue. 

We then proceeded to find ourselves in Topshop. If you're are a girl and you're in Oxford Circus, this isn't a conscious decision, it just happens and you just accept it. I took a couple of photos of things I like but they are a bit antsy about taking photos. Silly retail people. 

One of my favourite British words that pretty much sums up my whole year over there.

The dopest jumper I have ever seen and kicking myself that I didn't buy it when I had the chance.

If you haven't been into the flagship Topshop store you are in for a treat. Not only is it 5 or 6 levels of retail heaven but there is a hairdresser, a nail salon which is proper amazing check them out on instagram #WahWahNails, a cafe, a massage salon (mind blank on what you call it), and a menagerie of other things that you don't really need, and are ridiculously overpriced but they just had to the whole overwhelming experience. 

I worked directly across the road from Topshop at GAP and went into this store a countless amount of times, and every single time it still amazed me.

We then proceeded to get silly in the makeup department and test out every product they had that contained glitter. I am not even a glitter person. It was just fun and one of my fondest memories of London.

You can't even begin to fathom how awkward it was taking those last photos on Oxford Street in rush hour.

In the middle of it all

Being children in the Disney store

Bambi candle


I bought a mini Eeyore and whilst at the register we got talking to the cashier about the pure love of Disney every human being must have. We talked about favourite charachters and this was hers, Maleficent the evil witch from Sleeping Beauty. This was all a bit lost on me because I had sadly never seen that movie. I think the Queen from Snow White is my favourite evil villain, or Cruella De Vil because her name is just so ironic "Cruel Devil" plus she has ridiculous hair.

Back to Selfridges

I thought these bottles were quite elegant

Got my hair curled for free, woop woop.

Where my love for Marc Jacobs began. Trying on this watch.

Ant this is when my love was sealed, when I closed the clasp of this bracelet on my wrist. 

We may not have made it to Abbey Road but I still had an amazing day with my sorely missed Yeliz. I can't wait for you to come to Sydney. Sadly she had to leave me that night but I was able to continue my adventure into the night with a new friend. 

To be continued...

With Love from London

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