The night I met Dan & Paul

Wearing: Shirt - UNIF crop yinyang
Jeans - high waisted Nobody
Boots - Wanted
Belt - Thrift shop
Jacket - New Look
Headphones - Typo

I met G and her new Boy Paul at Oxford Circus. We then went and met his friends Dan and Al at Soho. In Soho we went to a bar/ club for about 20min that was practically overflowing with people. We then decided to go to King's Cross to Face Down which was kind of the equivalent to Hot Dam in Sydney. But then again I have never been so how can I really say if it is or isn't. All I know is I don't enjoy that music unless I personally know the person playing it, e.g my best friend Rick is in a band called Polaris and they are doing some pretty cool things lately you should check them out here.

Meet Dan. Works in Topman head office as one of the head designer kids and he has pretty awesome inkage.

For most of the night G was in the arms of her boy and was nowhere to be found and Al just wandered around dancing with strangers so I ended up spending most of the night with D dancing in the ghetto room which didn't seem to fit the club very well and being giraffes in the main room. At one point we borrowed the photographers camera who was drunk off his tits and wandered around taking photos. These are some of my worst ever "clubbing photos". But they are here because it was a great night despite the awful awful music. And as a side note this is most definitely the whitest I have ever been in my whole entire life. My London moon tan is in full swing.

With Love from London

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